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A Favorite Tea Legend: Shen Nung and the Discovery of Tea

Tea is magical. Drinking tea is one of the world’s oldest traditions. Even though there is no real record of exactly when we began drinking tea, there is a rich history and a lot of legends.

Full of lore. Tea’s discovery is something of international legend. Several countries have their own legends, but we’ll highlight one of China’s stories.
Part myth, partly chronicled history. The Emperor of China, Shen Nung, c. 2737-2696 BC was said to be boiling his water over a fire, as was the practice, for hygienic purposes. As legend tells, a breeze came up and blew a few leaves from a nearby tree into his cauldron. Before he retrieved the leaves, they started to brew and turned the water a delicate, rich color. Shen Nung, who was not only the Emperor but an erudite and herbalist, tasted the brew. It is said he enjoyed the delicate color, aroma and flavor. The tree was a wild tea tree.
Mao Feng Organic Green Tea is a classic Chinese green tea. Learn more about the benefits of organic tea here. We imagine the Emperor’s accidental brew was something like this. Highly aromatic, with a savory-sweet aroma of a spring meadow, this tea brews into a green-gold brew. The infusion is grassy and palate-filling. Roasty hints, floral notes and a lush “green” taste give this tea a rich profile, and a refreshing, lasting finish. Mao Feng is one of China’s most famous green teas. It’s made from the newest, tiniest leaves of the tea plant, known as the “bud” and the first leaf.
Just how many things do we do every day that others did over 1000 years ago?


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