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berry teas for summer

Best Berry Teas and an Iced Green Tea Recipe

Berry teas shout summertime! Like it fruity, sweet and refreshing teas? We have a collection of lively and fresh berry teas for you to enjoy!

These little jewels of summer are naturally sweet, vibrantly beautiful and good for you. They are full of vitamins C and K and A, plus minerals like potassium, magnesium and iron. Berries also have lots of fiber and are low in calories too, so all the more enjoyable.

These juicy, ripe teas are so flavor-packed they practically burst from the cup. Enjoy these berry teas hot or over ice:

Floral and fragrant White Blueberry White Tea

Big berry Raspberry Tart Green Tea

Decadent and jammy Blackberry Maple Black Tea

Sweet and juicy Strawberry Treasure Herbal Tea

Refreshing and herbaceous Very Berry Guayusa

Luscious and tart Strawberry Fields Hibiscus Fruit Tea

berry teas Strawberry Fields

Berry Delightful Iced Green Tea

For a super simple berry iced tea, this thirst-quenching treat is as beautiful as it is good for you.

Brew Raspberry Tart Green Tea with four teaspoons tea leaf and two cups of water. Use 175-degree water and let steep for three minutes. Strain leaves and chill. Then simply place the frozen berries in the bottom of a tall glass and pour the green tea over the berries. As you sip your tea, the berries add the perfect nip of sweetness, you don’t even need to add anything else to this one. Enjoy!

Note: You can also pulse ingredients in a blender for a smoothie-type, creamy texture.

We also recommend using blueberry teas to make smoothies.

Find other brewing tips on our Tea 101 page.

For a delicious twist, check out the refreshing Fruit Tea Sangria recipe on our blog. The Fusion Teas blog is full of recipes, pairings, lore, trends and tips for your tea ritual.

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