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How to kick sugar cravings with tea and tisanes

Trying to take in less sugar? We know it’s not good for us. Give loose-leaf teas a try—there is an option for everyone. Don’t mind caffeine? There are white, green and black teas to satisfy your sweet tooth. Can’t have any caffeine… select a tisane, rooibos or honeybush blend.

Give yourself a natural energy boost without any side effects and help eliminate impurities from your body by consuming these delicious drinks.
We know and love teas and tisanes, but have you tried honeybush? Honeybush, like rooibos, is native to South Africa. It’s caffeine free and packed with minerals. It is a satisfying solution to keep your body well hydrated and some delicious blends may be a great substitute for dessert. It brews up a warm reddish-brown or a pinky red color and has a somewhat spicy flavor with a sweet aftertaste. This tea tastes delicious hot or iced.
Chocolate Cake Honeybush Delicate honeybush flavors are the perfect companion for chocolate. Caramel adds a creamy sweetness, and slight nuttiness, for balance in this delectable dessert in a cup. A smooth creaminess lingers. And, since it’s caffeine free, this sweet treat makes a wonderful dessert at the end of your day.
Carrot Cake Rooibos is decadent, like a slice of homemade carrot cake. The autumn colors hint at its rich, warming flavor. The spiced flavor follows suit with hints of carrot, coconut, raisins, walnuts, ginger, cloves and maple brittle. The soft, woodsy sweetness of organic honeybush and organic rooibos round out the blend, making it extra soothing and satisfying.
Cinnamon Apple Rooibos is a classic combination. As you sip this tea, you may immediately think of spiced cider or apple pie. Juicy apple and naturally sweet cinnamon meld effortlessly to create a sublimely warming brew. Nutty rooibos provides a gentle nutty finish. And with zero caffeine, Cinnamon Apple Rooibos is a delicious and healthy treat any time of day!
Pear Cinnamon Hibiscus Fruit Tisane – Full of ambrosial, fruity notes of pears and apples, with a hint of warming cinnamon to add depth, this tisane is succulent and relaxing. Enjoy the cinnamon peeking through, while bright hibiscus and rosehips lend their customary tangy sweetness.
Tangerine White Tea is full of bright citrus flavors, invigorating and is also calming. If white tea is your favorite, you’ll love this one’s balance of sweet and woodsy notes. The Bai Mu Dan white tea base offers a creamy mouthfeel that contrasts nicely with the bold citrus.
Lemon Meringue Green Tea is clear and balanced, not just sweet. The unmistakable aroma of lemon meringue pie billows up from a fresh-brewed cup of this tea. This blend starts out more on the citrusy, zesty end of the spectrum and ends with that fresh-baked sweetness you know and love.
50/50 Delight Orange Creamsicle Black Tea is dessert in a cup. This will surprise you with its uplifting, sweet, citrusy boldness. Our 50/50 Delight takes the “opposites attract” notion a step further by integrating very difference flavors — sweet and sour, and rich boldness with delicate floral notes.

Cinnamon Roll Black Tea delivers distinct creamy notes of spiced pastries. Aromatic cinnamon brings this traditional black tea to robust new heights. The velvety-smooth honeyed flavors of Ceylon tea combine with bread-and-butter creaminess and a rich depth of flavor is achieved. This tea could easily be a new tea cupboard staple for you.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re sure to love our Decadent Chocolate Tea Collection. Also check out our Tea Soda Recipes you can make with lower sugar than regular soda pop! Also check out our pie-inspired tea line here.

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