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Teas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Teas and Teaware that she’ll love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 12th… 

Are you hoping to find the perfect gift to brighten your mom’s day? The gift of tea will help her take a few moments for herself each day. 

The act of selecting a tea, savoring its aroma, watching it brew and sipping it slowly will provide a few minutes to focus only on the tea and herself. Filling her with warmth and calm, tea can be a vehicle for both relaxation and vitality. Mom will love this!

We handpicked 25 remarkable teas and teaware which your mom is sure to love for Mother’s Day. Or opt for a Gift Certificate and let mom select her favorites!

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Mother’s Day Teas:

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea for Mother's Day Gifts

This classic green tea is meditative — Mom can enjoy watching the lovely pearls unfurl. Beautiful to watch, blossom-forward deliciousness to sip. This is a tea to savor slowly… floral flavors linger in the aftertaste and the brew doesn’t turn bitter as it continues to steep.

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White Mimosa White Tea 

White Mimosa White Tea with Rose for Mother's Day

Treat mom to a morning mimosa, reminiscent of the real thing, with tangy citrus and floral notes. A bright citrus splash is accented with rose and pomegranate to sweeten and round out the sophisticated blend. This is a great one both piping hot and chilled and over ice.

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Chocolate Cake Honeybush

Mother's Day Gifts: Chocolate Cake Honeybush Tea

Rich chocolate and charming rosebuds mix with the red honeybush leaf to create a deep infusion. Caramel adds a creamy sweetness and a slight nuttiness, for unparalleled balance in this delectable dessert in a cup. A smooth creaminess lingers on and on after the last sip.

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Citrus Mint Green Tea  

Citrus Mint Green Tea for mothers day gifts

What sensational lemony-minty flavors there are in this ever-popular blend. The first sip of this golden liquor is a nicely balanced mix of clear green tea, spearmint and citrus. Refreshing lemongrass adds zest and brightens the cup.

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Chamomile Vanilla Bean Herbal Tea 

Tea Gift ideas for mom: Chamomile Vanilla Bean Herbal Tea

A gentle way for mom to settle the evening… Light and smooth, with a tang of lemongrass evened out by the mild floral flavor of chamomile. Hand-cut vanilla bean, organic honeybush and coconut add depth to this tranquil infusion.

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50/50 Delight Orange Creamsicle Black Tea

50 50 Delight Orange Creamsicle Black Tea with Coconut for Mother's Day Gifts

This is dessert in a cup. This tea will indeed delight Mom with its uplifting, sweet, citrusy boldness. Our 50/50 Delight takes the “opposites attract” notion a step further by integrating very difference flavors — sweet and tangy, and rich boldness with delicate floral notes.

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Elegant Glass Teapot

Elegant Glass Teapot for Mother's Day gift idea

Our teaware is functional and beautiful, and would pair with any tea to create the complete tea gift for Mother’s Day. This Elegant Glass Teapot is the perfect complement to any tea, and especially Jasmine Pearls. The glass teapot is made of durable and thermal shock-resistant glass. It’s transparent so it is the perfect window to watch your loose leaf tea unfurl, expand and brew.

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