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Organic tea fields

Organic Teas and Herbal Teas

We have curated some of the world’s best organic teas and organic herbal tea blends. We’ve added to our collection again and again, each time selecting the best new teas and blends we could find. Organic teas are important. We have over 25 organic teas in a variety of tea types including black, green, oolong and guayusa.

We are dedicated to creating a healthier society through the love of great teas and herbals. We never use artificial flavors or preservatives. And if you’re looking for the purest ingredients possible, try our Certified organic tea blends, many of which are also Fair Trade.

What is important about organic tea?

In short, certified organic tea means no chemicals.

  • Organic teas are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides
  • Organic teas are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Organic tea production promotes:

  • Healthy soil and improved water quality
  • Biodiversity
  • Adaptation to local conditions

Organic tea certification is a production and processing certification that applies to the way tea is grown and how it is processed. Packaging and transportation to market matter as well.

Organic agriculture is nothing new. In fact, it has been practiced around the world since prehistory. It is only in recent years that “conventional” farming has taken root in traditional tea producing areas. Lately, more farmers have returned to traditional, organic farming methods. We’re thrilled to support these farms whenever we find wholesome, earthy, organic teas.

Many of us are conscientious about what we consume. We read labels. We want to do what’s good for people and planet. You can help support our environment, farmers and communities by selecting organic teas.

For a few ways to get more organic tea into your days, check out: How to get your friends into tea

Mao Feng Organic Green Tea from Fusion Teas

Some of our favorite organic teas

Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Here’s what one customer says about our Organic Jasmine Pearls:

“These little tightly rolled little leaves open up beautifully in water, so be sure to watch it brew! As it steeped, the aroma really came out of the tea. It’s a sweet cup with playful floral tones, and when brewed properly, has no astringent or bitter properties. I drank this tea without sweetener, and I love my sugar. This is literally my favorite green tea to date – just a beautiful aroma and pleasingly sweet flavor!”   –  Destiny

Organic Darjeeling Black Tea

Clean, bright and light flavors are key in this organic Darjeeling tea. Sweet notes of fresh-cut wildflowers, white grapes and just-ripe nectarines are gently balanced with an herbaceous, woodsy character that is prized in Darjeeling teas.

Organic Ti Kwan Yin Oolong

Ti Kwan Yin is one of the most famous teas of China. Known for its tropical, floral sweetness, this tea is an excellent choice for those new to oolong. As they brew, Ti Kwan Yin’s ocean-colored, rolled leaves unfurl to reveal sweet, mellow, tropical aromas. The bright, clear, butter-yellow infusion tastes of tropical flowers dipped in sweet cream. Nuanced and ethereal notes of orchids and lilies interplay with the delicate sweetness of green grapes and dried apples.

Organic Sencha Green Tea

The roughened leaves of this organic green tea hint at its equally natural flavor. The golden-green infusion is sweet, with notes of freshly cut wildflowers and toasted nuts. Its aftertaste is earthy and floral, with some balancing astringency.

Organic Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Green Tea

This is an ideal tea for those looking for a green tea that’s off the beaten path. This formidable tea is characterized by its muted green and artfully curled leaves, its roasty, toasty aroma, its thick mouthfeel and its nutty, green, moderately astringent flavor.

Very Berry Guayusa

Elderberry, blackberry, strawberry, rose hips, raspberry and hibiscus each add their own berry flavors to this blend. It’s a little sweet and very tart and supported by an earthy, green note of Organic Green Guayusa (a clfse relative of Yerba Mate). The brilliant red color matches the aftertaste: bright, tangy and strong enough to leave a lasting impression.

At Fusion Teas, we’re committed to providing you with top-quality teas at reasonable prices. Whether you’re enjoying one of my faves, Masala Chai Organic, or our wildly popular Mao Feng Organic Green Tea, we hope you can taste the quality in every sip. Cheers!

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