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Rich & Decadent Chocolate Teas

Chocolate and tea leaves have ancient history worlds apart. Chocolate is made from the fruit of the cacao tree, native to Central and South America. These fruits are big pods full of cacao beans. When they are dried and roasted they become cocoa beans used anciently a bit different than they are used today. Instead of the chocolate bar we know and love, it is said that the ancient Olmecs used the beans to make a bitter ceremonial drink that was passed down to the Mayans whose culture highly revered chocolate.

On the other hand, the story of tea begins on the other side of the world in ancient China where leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant accidentally found their way into the emperor’s boiling water. As legend would have it, this is where tea began its journey becoming incredibly favored in Chinese culture as the beverage of choice.

Chocolate and tea stem from two very different plants, yet, they share many complementary elements. They both have numerous variations of strength and flavors containing a multitude of infusions as well as aromas. These differences depend highly on the terrain of where the plant is grown and the processing method used to make them.

When you pair chocolate with tea you can have a terrible experience when not paired properly. However, when you find the right match you get a pair of nuanced flavors from both the chocolate and the tea that wouldn’t have been experienced otherwise. This can also be the case with roasted yerba mate, rooibos, and honeybush as much as it is with bold black tea. Since chocolate is a bold, roasted flavor it needs to be paired with other robust tea offerings with similar flavor profiles.

Here are a few of our chocolate and tea infusions that make for a rich and decadent treat without all of the sugar and calories of other chocolate-like desserts.

Salted Coconut Truffle Black Tea

Well, I don’t know if it gets any fancier than this decadent Salted Coconut Truffle Black Tea. It emanates a dark chocolate aroma with big chocolate flavor and undertones of coconut, black tea and sea salt.

Black Tea is strong, bold and intense is perfectly paired with chocolate being able to stand up to its own rich and intense flavor.

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Black Tea

This is a happy combination of bold black tea infused with the sweetness of raspberries and the subtle creaminess of cocoa. With hints of cinnamon, the chocolate is complimented beautifully with the raspberries that provide a sweetness that lingers beyond the other bold, rich flavors of the chocolate.

This is another blend of flavors that adds complexity to the cup and gives you a dessert-like experience in a cup. Its a treat that doesn’t fill you with garbage or guilt.

Roasted Cocoa Yerba Mate

With rich roasted flavors, a complex combination of chocolate, and the subtly of vanilla, this stout infusion will delight your senses. Each cup also offers an energizing boost of caffeine.

The roasted mate along with the roasted cacao bean creates an earthy complimentary combination of flavors that works beautifully. With a little vanilla and a lot of rich and roasty love, this tea is the dessert tea with energy you’ve been waiting for.

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