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Thomas’s Faves!

All types of tea – black, oolong, green and white – all come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Add to that rooibos, Yerba mate, and herbal infusions and you have a huge variety of flavors in one beverage type.

We hand select every single one of our teas. We’ve had one rule from the beginning of our business. We won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t drink or use ourselves. I like to look at our collection as a reflection of my personality and how I like to live my life. Vibrant bright colors and ingredients, mysterious and intriguing nuances. Comforting and relaxing when I want and determined and focused when I need to.

The beauty of running a tea business is having all the variety we want. I am always switching up my personal stash but at the moment here are some of my favorites. My go-to morning tea is Extreme Mango Yerba Mate or Masala Chai with a little coconut milk.

During the hot summer months here in Texas I like to drink iced tea which is usually the Passion Fruit Black or if I really need to focus and be productive I will make a big pitcher of Very Berry Guayusa (learn what guayusa tea is here).

During the colder months I will stick to hot tea all day. A few blended favorites would be our Apple Ginger Green, Vanilla Matcha, and Roasted Almond Black.  Of course I also have my staples I always revert back to when I want something straight and pure: Green Yerba Mate (our first love), 1st Flush Darjeeling, or our wildly popular Mao Feng Green. These help to keep me grounded and refreshes my state of mind.

If you’re like me and enjoy iced tea throughout the day (especially as spring has sprung) here’s an awesome cold brew recipe to try.

Passion Fruit Arnold Palmer Iced Tea

1 Big Iced Tea Pitcher – 1 Gallon (a regular pitcher will work as well)
3 quarts cold or room temperature water
1 quart lemonade
  • Place the 7 Tbsp of tea in the pitcher.
  • Pour 3 quarts of water onto the black tea and place in your fridge overnight (8-12 hours).
  • Strain. If you have our Big Iced Tea Pitcher you can remove the infuser if you are using a regular pitcher, strain the leaves and pour the tea back into the pitcher.
  • Add lemonade.

Ready to serve!! Best when poured over ice. Enjoy!

The sweetness in the lemonade adds just the right amount to bring the passion fruit to life to complement the lemon. Caution: Bring this to a neighborhood or family gatherings at your own risk. You may be expected to make it every single time for the rest of your life 😉

For the moment (cause it may change) you know what I reach for in my tea cupboard. What about you? What are your go to teas? Do you have a specific routine or ritual? I’d love to hear it. We have more than 100 varieties of loose-leaf teas and tisanes – and the perfect tea for the tea connoisseur and the loose-leaf tea newbie alike. Have fun exploring!-Thomas Egbert, Owner of Fusion Teas


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