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Weird Teas for a Weird Year

Weird Teas for a Weird Year

Real talk: 2020 has been BIZARRE. Here are some teas to fit the mood.

Is tea helping you to get you through these strange days? Tea allows us to tune in, focus on the present and savor the sensations and flavors or each cup. Find your favorite tea and tea ritual to cultivate positivity during these times.

We all love the wide variety the world of tea offers. Some of us like classic black tea with a little milk and sugar. Purists appreciate loose-leaf teas on their own. Others might love flavored teas or only drink herbal teas. Then there are teas that give us something unexpected.

For example, have you ever had tea brewed with rice? What about fermented, aged black tea?! Explore these distinctive teas that are just as delicious as they are weird!

Organic Genmaicha Toasted Rice Green Tea

Tea with Rice: Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

This combination of bancha green tea and puffed brown rice has a full, rich aroma that precedes its bright yet comforting flavor. Notes of seaweed play with the toasted notes from the rice for a savory-sweet infusion. The aftertaste that follows is balanced, mellow and lightly sweet.

 “It’s like hot, liquid, Rice Krispie treats!”

Clarissa, Fusion Teas customer

Fermented, Aged Tea: Organic Pu-erh Black Tea

This traditional Chinese black tea is aged to achieve a dark brown liquor and an earthy, mellow taste. The thick liquid emits a rich, earthy aroma that highlights the phrase “cave-like” in the best possible way. This unique tea has a medium body, silky smooth mouthfeel and not a trace of bitterness.

“I absolutely love this tea! When I discovered Fusion Teas had some I was more than excited about getting some more.”

Jay, Fusion Teas customer

Ohhh So Smoky Tea: Organic Lapsang Souchong

Small, dark leaves pack a big, blackened flavor in this intensely smoky brew. Aromas of pine smoke herald its distinctive character. The velvety, thick taste glides across the palate, leaving an aftertaste of smoldering pitch. To understand this tea, think campfire… and then take it a step stronger from there.

“One of the boldest teas ever.”

Elin, Fusion Teas customer

Pebble Tea: Ginseng Oolong

These distinctively shaped, deep green pebbles of tea were made by rolling oolong tea leaves together with ground ginseng powder. As the ginseng steeps into your brew, the tea leaves also unfurl, resulting in a brew with an herbaceous, roasty aroma. Notice the slight zing from the ginseng and the sublime sweetness of licorice. There is a combination of honeyed notes and gentle astringency in the aftertaste.

“I only drink oolong and decided I would try this one since I’d never seen it before. It’s a very nice tea. It resteeps very nicely like all oolongs.”

Toni, Fusion Teas customer

More Unusual Teas to Try

Even weird teas beg to be brewed to perfection. Remember to brew your teas with fresh water heated to the right temperature. Check out our Tea 101 page for the best way to prepare every type of tea.

Are you looking for a few more delicious and unique teas? Try our Classics with a Twist Tea Sampler. This set includes:

Pink Earl Grey Green – This blend of tart rhubarb, green tea and floral flavors comes together in a delicious and unexpected way that sets it apart from every Earl Grey you’ve tried before.

Chamomile Vanilla Bean – Light and smooth with ample chocolate notes, this blend delivers a dessert-inspired sweetness. The tang of lemongrass is evened out by the chamomile, while vanilla bean, honeybush and coconut add depth to this tranquil infusion.

Matcha Genmaicha – Genmaicha is a traditional blend of bancha green tea and toasted brown rice. We take it up a notch by adding matcha. The resulting infusion is soothing and light, with a brothy quality and vegetal, nutty notes.

Tulsi Chai Black – Black tea gives Tulsi Chai a rich, bold flavor. Cinnamon balances the black tea with its spicy-sweet character. And tulsi adds a softer, herbaceous note and pleasing bittersweetness into the mix.

Classics with A Twist Sampler

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