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What is Pu-Erh Tea?

Pu-erh tea is an aged, post-fermented black tea from southern China. Our pu-erh comes from Yunnan Province in China. Pu-erh tea, known as “black tea” in Asia, is named after the market town in which it was first developed.

Here’s what one customer says about our Organic Pu-Erh:

“I absolutely love this tea! I first heard of it from a gypsy I met in Arizona five years ago. I hadn’t seen it since. When I discovered Fusion Teas had it I was more than excited about getting more. When I first purchased it back then it was in a huge block and you had to break off pieces which wasn’t very convenient since they would break off in different sizes. The Fusion Teas version is loose leaf so you can get the perfect amount every time. I highly recommend this tea for black tea drinkers!”

–       Jay Ellis

Our Pu-erh tea is loose-leaf, but Pu-erh is often presented in round, flat cakes. Originally, pressing tea leaves into flat cakes or “bricks” made the tea easier to transport and their compressed shape was also more efficient and easier to store during the aging process.

How Pu-Erh Tea is Made

Pu-erh tea leaves go through a microbial fermentation process (post-fermented) after they have been dried and rolled, causing the leaves to darken and change in flavor. There are two categories of pu-erh: the raw or green type called sheng pu-erh, and the ripened or dark type, named shu pu-erh. 

Pu-erh is aged and released in vintages, similar to wine. Younger pu-erhs may have an assertive body and bold strength. Both the body and mouthfeel become richer as the pu-erh continues to age from 4-8 years.

Pu-erh, with its unique earthy character, is an integral part of the food culture in Southeast Asia, and it’s becoming popular around the world as a health and wellness tea. Pu-erh is considered to have digestive benefits and is traditionally served with meats and stir-fry type meals. It also pairs nicely with a piece of premium dark chocolate or Manchego sheep cheese with rustic bread.

Organic Pu-Erh Tea

what is pu-erh tea?

Our traditional Chinese tea is aged to achieve its dark brown liquor and a naturally earthy taste. It’s grounding and musky both in flavor and body. Its aging process creates a complex and smooth brew. The thick liquid emits an earthy aroma that highlights the phrase “cave-like” in the best way. One can detect a slight sweetness in the aroma as well, alluding to the complexity of the drink. This unique tea has a medium body, silky smooth mouthfeel and not a trace of bitterness. This is a satisfying cup.

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