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Which Tea Flavors Blend Best Together

Which Tea Flavors Blend Best Together

If you want to begin creating your own homemade tea recipes, you have to know the right flavors to use. From the spiciness of cinnamon to the sweetness of vanilla, each ingredient in your recipe adds a new flavor to the tea that can either improve or hurt the final product. To help you avoid ruining your tea, we’ve put together this quick guide to which tea flavors blend best together.

Sweet and Fruity

Blending ingredients that lend both sweet and fruity flavors can produce a tea reminiscent of a delightful dessert. For instance, if you combine these flavors with a light, earthy green tea, then you can wind up with a product similar to our Lemon Meringue Green Tea, which tastes more like a sweet treat than a healthy drink. Overall, combining fruitiness and sweetness can create a pleasant tea drinking experience. However, some people may prefer to combine that sweetness with a bolder-tasting tea.

Bold and Sweet

If you’re a fan of putting cream in your coffee, then you already know the benefits of balancing bold and sweet flavors. Blending the bold taste of a black tea with the sweet taste of vanilla or chocolate creates a deep, layered experience. Combining these two flavors is for people who want a richer, more complex tea experience. If you prefer the light, floral nature of a green tea, then black tea may be a bit too strong and bitter for your taste—but as with all types of tea, we encourage you to a bit adventurous with this endeavor.

Bold and Spicy

The powerful impact of combining the bold taste of black tea with various spices is one of the reasons chai is such a popular type of drink. If you want a truly powerful flavor, you won’t find a more powerful flavor than one that utilizes bold and spicy ingredients. If you want to lighten the taste a bit while still tasting that flavor duo, take a cue from the step above and add a level of sweetness to it. Some folks like a stronger, more bitter flavor that packs a wallop when drinking, but for others, that sweetness can balance out the tea while still delivering a complex range of flavors.

Now that you know which tea flavors blend together best, you’re ready to begin blending. However, almost all flavors blend together well under the right circumstances, as long as you perfect the balance of those flavors. At Fusion Teas, we can provide you with a wide variety of premium loose-leaf tea that showcases the flavor combinations mentioned above and more.


  • October 18, 2020

    David Slough

    If I blend Twynings breakfast tea with Twynings earl grey ? in what proportion do I need to use to avoid a bitter taste?

    • October 18, 2020

      Thomas Egbert

      I wouldn’t recommend using low-quality tea like Twinnings if you don’t want it to be bitter. Our Earl Grey is miles better and will last longer than teabags. Give us a shot.

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