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4 Tea varieties that you probably haven’t tried – (But Should!)

Tea is a soothing, comforting, and delicious beverage. You can drink it hot or cold, day or night, and there are thousands of varieties. Not sure how it could ever be proven, but some say that after water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. In some areas of the world, drinking tea is an art form, where calculated steps are performed in a specific order to produce the “perfect cup”.

Here at Fusion Teas, we often get asked to recommend different blends. Here are four suggestions for teas that if you haven’t yet tried, stop what you are doing and order now. These specific blends may be less well known than others, but they are definitely in the category of “must try”.

Very Velvet Oolong Tea
–  An Oolong that rivals all others. This tea combines the subtle but distinctive floral quality of traditional green oolong with a gentle and sweet berry flavor. Many claim that Oolong tea can help the body turn fat into usable energy.

Silver Needle White Tea
– Supreme Yinzhen Silver Needle tea is the rarest of all white teas, finest grade and the most superior of all teas. This exquisite all bud white tea comes from the world renowned Fujian province in central China. The pure clean character and woody tone stands out with a lingering, smooth finish makes this quite memorable. This delicate tea is delicious and refreshing without sugar and truly invigorating. Some research has suggested that white tea helps skin looking young by preventing wrinkles or sagging.

Blue Eyes Hibiscus
– Tangy hibiscus melds with the lush, deep flavor of blueberries in this fragrant, floral blend. Extraordinary eye appeal, and caffeine free, this tea makes up one satisfying glass of iced tea. Hibiscus is a great form of vitamin C and in some studies has helped to lower blood pressure.

Caribbean Colada Rooibos
–  Sweet, fruity bananas with a nippy fresh pineapple and creamy coconut pieces, you will absolutely fall in love with this fusion blend. This caffeine free tea is said to contain antioxidants that help lower hormones in the body that create stress.

We invite you to try one or all!

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