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5 Facts About Hibiscus Tea

Red-y for some serious flower power?

The bold red color of dry or brewed hibiscus is enough to tip you off: this is one powerful brew. Known for its intensely tart-sweet flavor and its many health benefits, hibiscus infusion is one of our favorite beverages. In celebration of this brilliant (and brilliantly red) brew, here are a few fun facts you may not know about hibiscus:

  1. Although there are hundreds of types of hibiscus flowers, only one kind (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is commonly used for infusions. The rest are just around for looks.
  2. Hibiscus hails from the Malvaceae (or “mallow”) plant family. That makes it a close relative of a diverse group of plants, including cacao (the chocolate plant), kola nut (a common ingredient in early cola drinks), durian fruit (a strange, stinky fruit from Southeast Asia), okra (um, good thing hibiscus isn’t so slimy!) and even… cotton.
  3. Technically, hibiscus infusion isn’t made from the flower of the plant. It’s actually made from the calyx, a sort of shell that protects the flower bud before it blooms.
  4. Hibiscus is known worldwide as a gentle, effective, preventative medicine. It’s often noted for its high vitamin C content (perfect for autumn) and its ability to lower and maintain blood pressure (great for the heart).
  5. Of all the herbs used in blended infusions, hibiscus is one of the most popular and versatile. In Germany and several other places in Europe, it’s the most consumed herb. Our customers tend to share this European taste for hibiscus–it’s one of our best sellers!

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