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Alkaline Teas to Balance and Restore the Body

Alkaline Teas to Restore and Balance the Body

The New Year dawns with new hopes and plans for balance and restorative rituals. The alkaline properties in many teas and tisanes may help to restore or rebalance your body. When you balance your pH, you restore your body to a more healthy state. 

The majority of herbal infusions, green tea, rooibos and yerba mate have an alkalizing effect. They raise the pH level in the body once they are digested and assimilated. Certain herbal teas are particularly noted and sought after for their alkalizing benefits. 

They say one of the top ways to alkalize your body is… water, water, water!  Tea boosts the amount of water you consume, keeping you hydrated, which helps rebalance in many ways. Enjoy your alkalizing teas in our clear glass teapot. This teapot is as durable as it is beautiful. The infuser insert is also clear glass so you can watch your loose-leaf tea unfurl and brew. 

Alkaline Teas to Restore and Balance the Body

Alkaline and acidity are determined by the pH scale. Neutral is around 7 and anything under a pH of 4 is considered very acidic. 

In general, chamomile and peppermint have a pH level between 6-7 and green tea is generally 7-9 on the scale. Of course, a few factors in preparation affect the alkalizing benefits, such as the type of tea, how often you drink it, and what you may add to your tea.

Alkaline Teas

Chamomile Vanilla Bean Herbal

Chamomile Vanilla Bean Herbal Tea

Chamomile, a fruity-tasting herbal infusion, is alkalizing with anti-inflammatory effects. Chamomile also has a calming effect on the nervous system. Chamomile is also great digestive aid after meals. 

Chamomile Vanilla Bean offers a soft vanilla aroma. Light and smooth, with ample chocolate notes, this blend delivers a dessert-inspired sweetness. The tang of lemongrass is evened out by the mild floral flavor of chamomile. Hand-cut vanilla bean, organic honeybush and coconut add depth to this tranquil infusion.

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Peppermint Herbal Tea

Peppermint Herbal Tea Loose Leaf

Peppermint is also alkaline, refreshing and naturally caffeine free. It is also good for digestion and nausea and may relieve abdominal gas and bloating. Clean, invigorating and bursting with flavor, this is our go-to herb whenever we need to clear our head or get a caffeine-free pick-me-up. Bright notes of peppermint with deep earthy undertones fill each sip. Sip our premium peppermint and you’ll experience what’s so special and satisfying about a cup of pure minty bliss.

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Apple Ginger Green Tea

The antioxidants in green tea provide significant alkalizing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Minor health issues we want to rebalance may stem from inflammation. It is said that consuming alkaline beverages and foods can even help reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

In our Apple Ginger Green Tea, warming, ginger-spiked green tea evokes the wintery taste of apple cider. Zesty ginger and sweet apple give it the appeal of a baked apple cobbler.

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Cinnamon Apple Rooibos

Cinnamon Apple Rooibos

Woodsy, mellow, naturally caffeine-free Rooibos is packed with antioxidants and nutrients including calcium, zinc and magnesium – all powerful alkaline minerals.

Cinnamon and apple is a classic combination. Juicy apple and naturally sweet cinnamon meld effortlessly to create a sublimely warming brew. Nutty rooibos provides a gentle woodsy finish.

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Carrot Cake Rooibos

Like a slice of homemade carrot cake, this rooibos blend is decadent and comforting. The autumn colors of this blend hint at its rich, warming fragrance. And the flavor follows suit with hints of carrot, coconut, raisins, walnuts, ginger, cloves and maple brittle. The soft sweetness of organic honeybush and organic rooibos round out the blend, making it extra soothing and satisfying.

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Good Morning Yerba Mate

Native to South America, Yerba Mate may be useful in restoring and cleansing. It gives an energy boost that is free from the jitters coffee may induce. Yerba Mate is also loaded with vitamins A, C and E, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Good Morning Yerba Mate is a well-balanced combination of chai-like cinnamon and cloves that offers a deep, rich infusion. Pleasant roasted notes accentuate the strong flavors, while coconut flakes add creaminess.

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