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All About Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is the quintessential Japanese tea. This special green tea is drunk from sun up to sun down and is considered to be somewhat of a national drink.

Sencha is enjoying popularity in North America and is readily available.

What makes Sencha different from other green teas is its cultivation and processing. Sencha’s leaves are grown in direct sunlight, which makes it further different from other Japanese green teas. (Gyokuro and matcha are grown under shade.) Once harvested, the leaves are steamed for about a minute to prevent oxidation, then dried and rolled. This differentiates Sencha from Chinese green tea which is typically pan-fried instead of steamed.

Brewing produces a rich, brothy textured tea with a clean, refreshing aroma. The cup develops a sweet flavor reminiscent of steamed veggies and balances between astringency and sweetness. To unlock the natural sweetness of Sencha, be sure to err on the side of short timing and cooler water when brewing. If it tastes bitter to you, you’ve brewed it too long, brewed it too hot or used too many leaves.

Try our exceptional Senchas:


We’re thrilled to support farmers who have returned to traditional farming methods whenever we find wholesome, earthy, organic teas such as this one… The natural-looking, rough leaves of this green tea hint at its equally natural flavor. The golden-green infusion is sweet, with notes of freshly cut wildflowers and toasted nuts. Its aftertaste is earthy and floral, with some balancing astringency.


The dark, blue-green leaves of our Sencha Supreme are tightly compressed into needle-like shapes. As they open during infusion, they release smooth, soft, broth-like aromas with hints of fresh ocean air. The hazy, green infusion is thick and sweet, with a distinctly vegetal flavor. You’ll also find a satisfying, brothy richness. The aftertaste leans slightly toward the sweeter side of the flavor spectrum, making this a great Sencha for Japanese green tea newbies and Japanese green tea lovers alike.


This steamed Japanese Sencha is filled with the flavors of green tea, berry and citrus—all perfectly balanced for a delightful, energizing cup. Goji berries, blueberries and pomegranate create a trifecta of berry goodness. This expressive blend emphasizes green tea, while the fruit enhances its pleasing character.


This mellow, sun-warmed Sencha green tea blend unfolds a carefully balanced recipe of flavors with each sip. Lychee fruit, jasmine and rose petals, and strawberry pieces complement the green tea. The character of the Sencha shines through from scent to aftertaste. It is first is accented by flavorful fruit and flowery petals, then it leaves you with a sweet, vegetal finish.

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