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Anti-Aging Teas

We may not be able to halt the march of time, but we can do our best to slow it down!

Antioxidants are one of the best weapons of choice when fighting signs of aging. Found in many fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as in tea, antioxidants fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals cause cell damage which can lead to a wide array of issues, such as skin wrinkle, blocked arteries, cataracts and even cancer.

While all tea and many herbs contain antioxidants, we curated a selection of green, white and tulsi teas which are particularly high in these anti-aging nutrients.

Tea may not be a cure-all, but its rich antioxidant content improves your odds in the quest for health. Every time you sip a cup of tea, know that you’re taking one small step towards staying healthy and youthful.


Tulsi Herbal Tea

Tulsi is an herb from India and is part of the holy basil family. Its caffeine-free infusion has a subtly minty sweetness and refreshing taste. But it is most popular for its esteemed medicinal qualities.Also known as “the queen of herbs,” tulsi has been revered in India for its medicinal properties for centuries. Modern science also supports this, indicating tulsi may have anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, help calm the mind and reduce stress, and help prevent ulcers, inflammation and fever.

Each of our tulsi tea blends is flavorful and inspired. With its rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients, tulsi is a great choice, whether you are sipping for health or pure enjoyment!

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Here are a few of our favorite anti-aging teas:

tropical-tulsi-herbal-tea_thumbnailTropical Tulsi Herbal Tea

Pure relaxation in a cup. Succulent papaya blends with crisp apple and tart rosehip to create an exotic, caffeine-free infusion.

peach-fuzz-white-tea_thumbnailPeach Fuzz White Tea

This tea is dripping with the flavor of fresh, juicy peaches. Smooth white tea complements the fruity notes. Delightful as an iced tea!

cloud-and-mist-green-tea_thumbnailCloud & Mist Green Tea

This may be an unscented “pure” tea, but it is full of flavor. Sweet fruity notes transform into a soft, gauzy aftertaste of purple grapes and lemon.

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