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Apple Teas

Lusciously sweet, super-nourishing apples…

Apples are a classic symbol of Autumn. It’s that whole ‘back to school’ vibe. But apples are so much more than that. For millennia they’ve been eaten and drunk for health and for enjoyment, and now they’re now known to be a super-nourishing superfood.

… now in your teapot.

Apples make a delicious addition to teas and tisanes. A little apple in a tea blend or herbal blend imparts a creamier texture and a sweeter flavor in your brew. A close look at our ingredient lists will show you that we love this effect, and use it in many of our blends.

Turkish Apple Teas

Although many of these blends are novel, we’re certainly not the first to find that apples and tea are a good match. Apple teas are Turkish in origin, and have been drunk for around a century there. Interestingly, herbal infusions are mainly considered to be medicinal in Turkey, so although apple tea is considered to be distinctly Turkish, it’s also drunk more often by tourists than by locals. Strange, but true!

Traditional & Modern Apple Teas

There are many types of apple tea in Turkey and elsewhere. More traditional Turkish styles of apple tea include our exotic Apple Vanilla Hibiscus Tisane and plainer brews made of apple peel with a few spices. And modern apple teas are about as varied as it gets! From Cinnamon Apple Rooibos to Apple Mango Hibiscus Fruit Tisane, there’s an apple tea for almost any occasion or flavor preference.

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