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Are You Ready for Daylight Savings?

Daylight Saving Time is coming up on March 12th, 2017. Being truly ready for the change means more than just letting your phone automatically change its display time. If you want to adjust to the change smoothly (e.g., without mental and physical exhaustion, difficulty in your normal tasks and the like), you can get prepared for it now… with the help of tea!

Most people find that the Spring Forward change is harder than the autumnal Fall Back, just like traveling east is often harder on the body than traveling west. It has to do with when we see more light, and although the change is inevitable, the exhaustion isn’t. In fact, changing your tea and sleep habits before March 12th may save you a lot of exhaustion!

We recommend switching to caffeine-free teas earlier in the day during the time leading up to and following Daylight Savings, plus waking up with a nice, extra-strong tea each day after it until you’re adjusted. This will help you get good quality sleep and start your days with the alertness you need after the change.

Sleep well, and best wishes for the spring forward this year!

Spring forward with these caffeine-free teas:


Citrus Burst Rooibos

This rooibos tea enlivens the senses without caffeine, and is a great alternative to citrusy black teas such as Earl Grey.






Pure peppermint also refreshes without caffeine. It’s especially useful if you are afraid you can’t get through to bedtime without that caffeine boost.

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Red Bush Chai

This caffeine-free infusion is a fantastic alternative to regular chais.
It packs a punch, blending rich flavors of rooibos, citrus, cinnamon
and other spices.

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black-currant-hibiscus-fruit-tisane_thumbnailBlack Currant Hibiscus

This fruit tisane yields a bold flavor similar to many fruity black
teas. Juicy berries and tangy hibiscus create a full-bodied blend.

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Toasted Caramel Rooibos

Nutty rooibos and decadent caramel make this tea a sweet treat for anytime of day. It also make an amazing tea latte!

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