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Jasmine Green Tea with Spoon

Aromatic, enchanting Jasmine Green Teas

What a treasure. Fine Chinese green teas blended with jasmine to create lush, fragrant blends. Jasmine green tea fully flavored, but there is also has a gentleness and a nectar-like sweetness that lingers with each sip.

Jasmine is ancient, and it is hard to determine where it was first grown. It is likely native to areas of the Middle East, including Pakistan, where it is the national flower, and India. It is believed the plant was imported to China. Today, it is grown in many temperate areas of the world, including areas of France, Italy, Portugal, and southern parts of the United States.
The jasmine’s white flower blossoms release a powerful fragrance. Its aroma is created through a method that is over 800 years old. The jasmine blossoms are gathered during summer evenings and spread amongst green tea leaves to infuse the floral flavor into the tea.
A traditionally scented jasmine tea is prized for its sweetness, slightly perfumed fragrance, and delicately achieved flavor balance between the floral blossoms and the delicate tea leaves.
Try one!

These beautiful little bundles pack a total tea experience

– lovely to look at, highly aromatic, and delicious to sip and savor. This superb hand-rolled jasmine green tea features tightly rolled pearls that slowly unfurl into a light, honeyed cup. Slightly sweet notes are balanced with a vegetal tone and a smooth, lightweight body.

Gentle floral notes infuse this tea while a nectar-like sweetness lingers on the palate. This lush, exotic blend of sweet jasmine blossoms and green tea will transport you to a fragrant flower garden. Jasmine with Flowers is stronger in flavor than many green teas and strikes the chord between gentle and robust.
A sweet berry aroma is balanced by the green leaf as they meld perfectly into a refreshing aroma and a clean, pleasant flavor. This mellow, green tea blend unfolds a carefully balanced recipe of flavors with each sip. The character of the sencha shines through from scent to aftertaste. It is first accented by flavorful fruit and flowery petals, then it leaves you with a sweet, vegetal finish.


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