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Breakfast Teas

Reboot your breakfast

Try these easy, tasty breakfast combos this week!

Tea and breakfast go naturally together. You probably already drink tea with your breakfast, and you might be wondering what we’re on about. I’ll tell you: Tea Pairing.

What’s pairing?

Pairing is the art of enjoying two things together. In the food world, it’s often thought of as a wine thing, but to miss out on tea pairings is nothing short of a crime as far as we’re concerned.

How’s that different from just drinking tea with food?

The difference between just having tea with breakfast and enjoying a tea pairing with breakfast is mainly one of consideration and intention. If you grab a mug of tea and a bowl of cereal, and you chow it down with some enjoyment, that’s not a pairing. If you select a breakfast meal and a tea that, in combination, delight you, well… now you’re on the right track!

How do I start pairing?

So, how do you start pairing teas with your breakfasts? Go with what you know, then expand from there. Here are a few popular breakfasts and some teas that go great with them:


If ever there was a tea suited for pairings, our Organic Royal Gold Yunnan Black Tea is it! Partner it with baked goods, creamy sweets or baked plum dishes at brunch or afternoon tea.


Enjoy Good Morning Mate as a latte for a healthier, jitter-free alternative to coffee without sacrificing the full, rich flavor you crave with breakfast.

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