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Can Tea Really Help Me Lose Weight?

Over at Fusion Teas we like to believe that tea was heaven-sent, but it isn’t the miracle drug it is sometimes touted to be. Unfortunately, there isn’t one cure-all remedy for health or weight loss. Along with healthy eating and exercise, tea can be a friendly companion to aid you in your weight loss journey. Not only does it not have all the garbage of other beverages, but it also has healthy antioxidants, amino acids, and stimulants that help the body lose weight.

While tea is not the cure-all for all your weight loss desires, there are still many reasons why this amazing gift from green earth should be a part of your weight loss strategy. Research has shown a few ways in which tea can help you lose weight, but there are also some practical reasons that tea is the right option for weight loss. We will get into all the details below.

The Practicality of Tea

Grocery stores, your local coffee shops, and restaurants have so many delicious options to choose from. Some of these options we know are bad for us and others disguise themselves as being healthy options when they really aren’t. With some of these choices, you may have developed unhealthy habits. Maybe it’s a soda addiction or maybe you are a Starbucks latte fiend. When you replace all of these unhealthy habits with the habit of drinking tea, you end up reducing your total caloric intake which will help shed those pounds. Just be wary of those store-bought tea drinks that disguise themselves as healthy options, but are in fact laden with sugar and calories. It’s not only about what you take into your body, it’s about what you’re not taking into your body by drinking tea.

The Science of Tea

Tea is filled with natural antioxidant compounds, amino acids and naturally occurring stimulants that have positive effects on the body. These health-promoting characteristics can contribute in small ways towards losing weight when you have already incorporated the necessary habits of proper nutrition and exercise.

Tea contains flavonoids which are plant metabolites that have antioxidant effects. One such flavonoid known as catechin is found in tea and it has been known to aid in digestion and help boost metabolism. When you combine this compound with caffeine, a natural stimulant found in tea, studies show a decrease in fat accumulation in the body.

Which Teas have the greatest effects?

Any tea from the tea family, specifically from the Camellia Sinensis plant, all contain the same antioxidants; however, the caffeine level between black, green, oolong, and white tea can vary due to how they’re processed. Black and oolong tea will have higher levels of caffeine while green and white will be more moderate. Higher levels of antioxidants and caffeine can be found in matcha green tea due to the fact that the entire tea leaf is consumed in powdered form.

Yerba Mate, while not from the Camellia Sinensis plant, contains high levels of antioxidants and even higher levels of caffeine than even black tea. Yerba mate has similar health-promoting effects in the body such as boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, and increasing the body’s ability to burn fat.

Here are a few great options to choose from…

Pu-erh Black Tea

This earthy and aromatic Chinese black tea has been known to have digestive benefits as well as anti-obesity effects in suppressing weight gain.

Pineapple Paradise
Green Tea

This delicious green tea is a perfect addition to your weight loss routine. Green tea is possibly the most well known for its weight loss effects, probably due to the plethora of studies linking its consumption to weight loss.

Juicy Fruit
Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is high in antioxidants and has high levels of caffeine and theanine which aid in metabolism, energy expenditure, and focus. This mate has all of that and it’s super fruity and delicious, perfect for iced concoctions on hot summer workout days.

For more healthy tea options to help you reach your health goals visit fusionteas.com or check out our blog at blog.fusionteas.com.

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