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Carnivore Diet & Bulletproof Tea

Just over a month ago my wife and I started the carnivore diet. For years my wife has struggled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was starting to feel the effects of arthritis in my hands and feet. We are young and there was no way we should have been feeling so much pain from inflammation at such a young age.

I had taken a trip to see my brother in Texas who was in the full throws of the carnivore diet. For many years, he had struggled with headaches and the effects of being intolerant to gluten. He told me all about the diet and how it helps reduce the effects of inflammation. He convinced me that I needed to try it. This diet would not be easy for either myself or my wife.

So, a week after I arrived back home in Utah, both my wife and I began the diet.

What is Carnivore Diet?

Well, the carnivore diet is what it sounds like. A carnivore is a meat-eater, and this diet restricts you to only eating foods that come from an animal. That meant no more sugars, processed foods, breads, potatoes or even veggies.

The week before we started the diet we headed over to “The Costco” and Kroger to buy ourselves a family size of Kerrygold’s Pure Irish Butter, a tub of ghee, Redmond’s Real Salt, salmon, ribeye steaks, goat cheese and a lot of eggs.

See, the trick to this diet is reconditioning your body to begin converting fat into energy rather than carbs or sugars into energy. The less fat you eat the less energy you have. This diet is not a high protein, low carbs diet. It is a high fat and high protein diet. It is also crucial to be getting enough electrolytes which you can get from pure salt.

Now, we have talked about what you’re supposed to eat on this diet, but what else can you have?  Is it strictly just meat and cheese? The answer is that it depends. How full on do you want to go with the diet? There is a spectrum of carnivore dieters and where you land on that spectrum will depend on your body. 

Carnivores like Mikhaila Peterson, who has had debilitating inflammation throughout her entire body, have lived on nothing but beef, salt and water.  My wife and I did not have such a condition and we knew what we could and could not manage as part of the diet. 

For us, variety is the spice of life and we needed a way to be able to switch it up.  Along with meat, cheese, eggs and butter, we also incorporated spices, hot sauce (no tomatoes or sugar), sparkling water, and of course TEA.

To be perfectly honest, if it were not for sparkling water and tea, we would have caved to the enticing lure of chocolate or coffee very quickly.  Tea saved us.

What tea is good for carnivore dieters?

Again this will depend on where you land on the carnivore spectrum. Some would say that tea is a no-go for their carnivore diet while others will stick to strictly pure teas. Some, like my wife and I were fine with any tea blend. It is important, however, that your tea is enjoyed without adding the crappy additives such as sugar or artificial flavored creamers.

Here is a short list of the teas my wife and I enjoyed while on the diet. These were simply teas we decided were fine for our specific diet and diets may vary.

Banana Nut Rooibos

Watermelon Lime Green

Watermelon Lime Green Tea Great for Iced Tea in the Summer

Very Berry Hibiscus

It is also important to remember, the key to the diet is getting enough fat so that your body maintains its energy levels. Here is one way you can up the fat content within your tea for a creamy and satisfying cup that will help maintain your cravings.

What is Bulletproof Tea?

This creamy, zero-carb beverage is made to enjoy! Bulletproof tea is not just for a carnivore diet, with some variation it can also be for carnivore/keto dieters or just as a fulfilling and tasty drink for tea lovers that adds healthy fats into your diet.

Bulletproof teas use high-quality butter or ghee. A dairy-free option for keto dieters is made with coconut oil and / or coconut milk. This rich, warm drink may keep you full for a few hours and it’s a nice kickstart with benefits to your day. And, it just may boost needed energy and aid in mental clarity, while tasting totally delicious!

This drink can be made in many variations, depending on the tea type you are using and the diet you are on. Matcha and black tea are a perfect base for bulletproof tea. Both of these types of tea carry caffeine and theanine, that makes a special combination — they promote calm alertness.  Tea is one of the few places where the amino acid theanine is found.

Matcha, with its vibrant emerald green color, is a potent, extra rich green tea, packed with polyphenols. It will pair well with coconut oil or butter. Matcha is higher in caffeine, as well as theanine, a relaxing compound that helps to even out the caffeine.

Do you have a blender or frother? That will make these recipes frothier and easier to make.

For carnivore dieters, avoid the coconut and stick with pure animal products such as grass-fed butter or milk.

Bulletproof Matcha
Umami, Bittersweet, Balanced

1/2 cup milk or coconut milk
1 tbsp. grass-fed butter or coconut oil
1/2 cup water heated to 165 degrees
1tsp. Organic Everyday Matcha Green Tea Powder
1/2 tsp. pure vanilla

On the stovetop, bring the coconut milk to a simmer on medium-high heat. Immediately remove from the heat when bubbles surface. Add the hot water and matcha tea powder together in a cup.

In a blender, combine tea, coconut milk, and vanilla powder until you have a creamy consistency and a little foam. Enjoy!

Bulletproof English Breakfast
Strong, Brisk, Invigorating

1 tbsp. Organic English Breakfast Black Tea
1 cup water just off boil
2 tsp. grass-fed butter or coconut oil

Steep tea with water for three minutes, then add in butter or coconut oil. Blend and pour into your favorite mug.

Salted Coconut Truffle Bulletproof Tea
Savory-sweet, nutty

1 cup boiling water
1 tbsp. Salted Coconut Truffle Black Tea
1 tbsp. grass-fed butter or coconut oil

Brew tea leaves for 3-5 minutes. Strain and then add butter or coconut oil. Mix on high with a blender. Enjoy hot!

Do you like complex, delicious nutty teas? Check out our blog post with tea suggestions and recipes.

Update: My wife and I started to feel better on the carnivore diet. My wife’s sleep got better and her headaches improved. The pain in my fingers went away and I felt overall, healthier. We are now on a modified diet involving more healthy fats and proteins The carnivore diet was a good kick starter for us to get healthier.


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