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Ceylon black tea from sri lanka

Ceylon Teas: A Small Island With Big Bold Flavors

The tropical island of Sri Lanka is the home of rich, bold teas. Teas from this island claim the moniker of its former name, Ceylon.

Sri Lanka’s unique terroir (influences of climate and soil) provides for three styles of tea, determined by altitude: low-grown, medium-grown and high-grown. Individually, each of these teas develops a characteristic flavor profile. Sri Lanka grows and produces a huge amount of tea. Because of its unique climate, the island can produce tea throughout most of the year.  

The English and Scottish first brought tea plants to Ceylon in the 1830s. Black tea became the island’s dominant crop later in the 1870s when disease took out the island’s coffee industry. Luckily, the newly planted tea continued to thrive and became the island’s main export.

Ceylon black teas are bold! If you like black tea with milk and sugar you probably already love Ceylons. Enjoy iced tea? That’s very likely a brisk Ceylon as well. While much of Sri Lanka’s tea production is black tea, green and white teas are also produced. Plants grown in the island’s highest elevations create teas with exceptional body and flavor profile.

Experience our bold, bright Ceylon Teas!

Organic Ceylon Black Tea

Organic Ceylon Black Tea

The flavors of this unabashedly bold black tea grab your attention and hold on, making it a perfect wake-up tea. And, if you love a tannic black tea tempered with milk and sugar, Organic Ceylon is your brew. You may notice the subtle undertones of citrus and other tropical flavors that slip through its bold facade.

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Ceylon Black Tea – Extra Fancy

Ceylon Extra Fancy Black Tea

This is one of the boldest black teas we offer. Complex, valiant aromas of malt and red wine give way to equally complex flavors of rich spices, red fruits, tobacco and pronounced tannins. The malty lingering aftertaste adds to the assertiveness.

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Cinnamon Roll Black Tea

Cinnamon Roll Black Tea

Rich black tea, spicy cinnamon and creamy notes create a “dessert in a cup” effect in this blend. Aromatic cinnamon and the honeyed flavors of Ceylon tea combine with bread-and-butter creaminess; a rich depth of flavor is achieved.

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Black Tea Sampler

Black Tea Sampler Set

Love black teas? Try our Black Tea Sampler. This set highlights a few of our delicious favorites:  Premium Earl Grey, Ginger Darjeeling Peach, Masala Chai, Passion Fruit and Black Cherry.

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