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Cherry Teas for Cherry Blossom Season!

Spring brings new beginnings, more daylight, warmer temperatures and… cherry blossoms. Cherry blooms are anticipated and celebrated from Washington state to Washington DC, but maybe renowned nowhere more than throughout Japan.

Japan’s famed cherry blossom viewing parties are major celebrations. Hanami, the cherry blossom viewing, often involves picnics with food, drink, friends and family. Countless people, of all ages, gather under the dazzling cherry trees to enjoy each other’s company and the beginning of Spring. Want to celebrate like the Japanese? For your picnic, be sure to include a picnic blanket, folding chairs, a garbage bag (leave the area better than you found it), packable cups and your favorite snacks and beverages.
Here are a couple of cherry teas to enjoy:

This lively, fruity tea brews up a rich red just like the color of cherry juice. Tangy and refreshing, Black Cherry Black Tea is the perfect pick-me-up and with a candy-like flavor that may be enough to satisfy a sweet craving. Bold notes of cranberry and cherry make this tea pleasantly tart with hints of sweet apple add a delicious finish.

This tisane combines carefree notes of sweet cherry with the tartness of hibiscus and rosehips. Naturally sweet with a hint of spice, Wild Cherry will take you on a journey that will leave you uplifted and carefree. It’s a straightforward tisane; an honest blend of sweet cherry and tart hibiscus. These simple flavors create a compelling blend of light, sweet and down to earth flavors.
And two Japanese green teas to try:
This tea is considered somewhat of a national drink in Japan. The smooth broth-like aromas with hints of fresh ocean air and the vegetal but sweet flavor are satisfying and rich. Although brothy, the aftertaste leans slightly toward the sweeter side of the flavor spectrum, making this a great Sencha for Japanese green tea newbies and Japanese green tea lovers alike.
Our fine, shade-grown Gyokuro is a Zen-inducing green tea that is full of beneficial compounds and nuanced flavors.The needle-like leaves of our produce a brew that is surprisingly soft and luscious. It has a satisfying, balanced flavor and mouthfeel that’s known as umami in Japan. It’s pleasingly sweet and, above all, it’s green, green, green.

Have fun!


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