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Darjeeling, the Champagne of Teas

Darjeeling is a fabled place, in the northeastern reaches of India. Mountainous, green, sacred, it is picturesque and covered with tea gardens. This region is known for single-estate teas, unblended and sublime. The bright flavor of these teas is remarkable, along with fragrant aromas, pretty liquor, and delicate, complex flavors. Muscat grape, stone fruit, toasted nuts and the green of springtime all captured in these wondrous leaves. The exalted experience is unique to Darjeeling teas.

Our Darjeeling teas are selected from some of the world’s most famous tea gardens. Each tea estate’s tea is unique, and drinking a single-estate Darjeeling is vastly different from drinking a blend. Single-estate Darjeeling teas (such as our tea from Sungma or Makaibari estate) change each year due to variations in the weather, and they offer more nuanced, complex tea than blends do.

This is a classic. Small, unopened, golden-tipped leaves hint at the quality of this tea; great care has been taken in its production. The fantastic Darjeeling bouquet offers green aromas and a pronounced mineral tone. It is brisk, with ample fruit—white peach, lychee, muscatel grape, with an aftertaste reminiscent of a stone fruit lambic.

Organic This incredible black tea hails from an amazing (and famous) organic tea estate. And this tea is not just organic, it’s also Fair Trade Certified (they treat their people well) and Demeter biodynamic certified too. This excellent 1st Flush Darjeeling offers the floral, fruity, slightly green flavor of springtime in Darjeeling, back by moderate tannins and hints of malt. Its flavor profile is majestic with a mineral-rich earthiness.

This pure single-estate tea captures the beauty and biodiversity of Darjeeling. The clean, bright flavors are nuanced, complex and centering. Sweet notes of wildflowers and white grapes are balanced by the slight woodsy, herbaceous character that makes Darjeeling teas prized.

If you love Darjeeling teas, and also enjoy a bit more fruitiness, this tea is for you. Organic Darjeeling an Ceylon (an earlier name of Sir Lanka) mix perfectly with overtones of ripe peaches and spice. A surprising touch of South African honeybush rounds out the cup.

Enjoy these excellent teas that capture the incredible beauty and biodiversity of Darjeeling, India!


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