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Energy-Boosting Teas That Will Get You Moving

Tea is known for its calming nature and wonderful health benefits. A variety of different teas can help you in unique ways. Some teas may help you get to sleep at night, while others can provide you with the energy you need to get through the day. If you’re trying to ditch energy drinks or coffee in favor of something healthier, consider one of these energy-boosting teas that will get you moving in the morning.

Yerba Mate

This tea, which comes from South America, is known for its earthy, grassy flavor. It’s also widely known for the amount of caffeine it contains, which is slightly below the amount in coffee but far above the amount in most other teas. If you’re looking for a tea that delivers bold flavor and the caffeine content of coffee, then yerba mate is the tea for you.


This famous tea is very similar to yerba mate. It gives the drinker a high caffeine boost and improved mood, and it can even help with weight loss. However, there’s one key difference between guayusa and yerba mate: the flavor. Guayusa has the earthy flavor of yerba mate, but it doesn’t have the same bitterness. If you enjoy everything about yerba mate except its bite, then guayusa might be a better fit for you.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most iconic teas around, and there’s a reason for that. First off, it contains caffeine that can boost your energy and get you through the day. Additionally, it’s widely known for its ability to induce weight loss. Matcha green tea, in particular, contains more antioxidants than typical green tea because it’s created with whole leaves from the tea plant, which is then ground into a green powder.


This tea has been recognized for its immune system-enhancing abilities for centuries. This sweet-tasting drink gives the consumer that kick of energy they need to get moving, but it has another interesting effect as well. It energizes you, but it can also decrease stress levels in your body. By energizing and calming you, this tea combines the best of both worlds.

By drinking these energy-boosting teas that will get you moving, you can remove coffee or other energy drinks from your diet without compromising your energy levels throughout the day. One of the great things about tea is the unique mixture of flavors and aromas you can find all around. That’s why, at Fusion Teas, we offer a wide selection of energy-boosting tea that will keep you healthy and energized throughout the day.

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