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Essentials Every Tea Lover Needs

Essentials Every Tea Lover Needs

If you’re a daily tea drinker, then you should have the right tools for brewing the best cup. This list showcases the essentials every tea lover needs, from what you brew to where you brew it.

Tea Kettle

If you’re a tea lover, you should not be boiling your tea water in a pot. Using a pot will lead to a scalding, messy nightmare when it’s time to pour the water into your mug. It’s not just the water that’s an issue either—you have to worry about the steam as well. That’s why frequent tea drinkers need a proper tea kettle. A kettle holds your water while it boils on the stove and when it’s time to pour the water into the cup, you’ll be able to do it without the worry of a mess or burns.

Loose-Leaf Tea

This isn’t essential gear, but it is certainly an essential ingredient. By choosing loose-leaf tea over teabags, you experience the taste, aroma, and health benefits of the tea to its fullest extent. One of the reasons for this is that tea bags don’t allow the tea leaves to properly expand, which impacts the infusion process and results in a less appealing taste.

Additionally, most tea bags contain dust and fannings. This is debris that comes from broken tea leaves, which is about as appetizing as it sounds. Brewing with dust and fannings will hurt the overall smell and flavor of tea, which are two of the best attributes of any cup.

Infuser Mug

If you like indulging in loose-leaf tea, one of the most important and convenient tools you can have in your u-tea-lity belt is an infuser mug. An infuser mug is, as the name suggests, a mug that has a removable tea infuser in the middle, allowing you to brew tea directly in your mug without leaves and other ingredients making their way into your cup. With an infuser mug, you boil the water in your kettle, put the tea leaves in the infuser, then pour the water into the mug. After that, close the lid, let the leaves steep, then simply remove the infuser and empty it out.

You can buy infusers separately, but preparing loose-leaf tea in a dedicated infuser mug makes for a more efficient brewing and cleaning process. It’s almost an all-in-one tea set, but unfortunately, as of right now, infuser mugs can’t boil their own water. You still need a kettle to boil your water, but we’ll be happy to let you know when technology catches up with the self-boiling infuser mug concept.

Now that you’re caught up on the essentials every tea lover needs, you’re ready to consistently brew delicious tea. Once you match the right brewing equipment with a high-quality loose-leaf herbal tea, you’ll understand why it’s the best way to experience all the flavors, aromas, and health benefits that tea has to offer.

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