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Exquisite Japanese Green Teas

Japan knows its green tea. Almost 100 percent of the tea produced in Japan is green tea. Visit any restaurant or home in Japan, and you will most likely be served a steaming cup of tea, or “cha“. And the traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremony has elevated the tea ritual to an art form.

Japanese teas are usually very delicate, and require some care to unlock their natural sweetness. Steep Japanese teas for just one or two minutes at the most, using water below the boil. A good rule of thumb is that the hot water is ready once tiny bubbles start forming on the bottom of the kettle.

The result of careful brewing is a tea full of sweetness, pleasant vegetal notes and a hint of ocean air. With practice, you’ll be able to extract that coveted “umami” flavor – a savory, brothy quality that is highly valued in Japanese cuisine.


Full Steam Ahead

While green and black tea come from the same tea plant, black teas are allowed to oxidize. Green teas are heated during the production process to stop them from oxidizing. However, many teas from China and Japan had their oxidation processes halted differently.In China, green teas are usually heated in a wok or an oven-like heater, resulting in a mellow infusion full of buttery and nutty overtones. In Japan, nearly all green teas are steamed, which creates a rich tea filled with bright vegetal notes.

For the ultimate Japanese steamed green tea experience, try our premium Gyokuro, or “jade dew”. Several weeks before harvest, the tea plants are carefully shaded from direct sunlight. This intensifies the leaves’ green color and beneficial compounds. The result is an exquisite tea filled with umami, sweetness and the unforgettable qualities of a steamed Japanese green tea.

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Zen out with these Japanese teas:

sencha-supreme-green-tea_thumbnailSencha Supreme

Pure, traditional Japanese green tea. A velvety infusion full of sweetness as well as umami—a satisfying, brothy, savory flavor that is highly valued in Japanese cuisine.

genmaicha-toasted-rice-green-tea_thumbnailOrganic Genmaicha

A truly classic Japanese blend of green tea and toasted rice. It sounds like an unlikely combination, but the roasty rice notes blend perfectly with sweet green tea.

pineapple-paradise-green-tea_thumbnailPineapple Paradise

Juicy pineapple and mango add lively fruity notes to this smooth green tea. A silky mouthfeel and a clean, lingering, sweet aftertaste round out to a satisfying finish.

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