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Final Trivia Question: Guayusa Herbal Tea – Win $100 in free tea!

In this weeks trivia question youll meet Guayusa, a relative of Yerba Mate!

Have you enjoyed learning a little more about your favorite teas? Here is the third and final question in our Tea Trivia contest. Answer correctly by 8/1/19 for a chance to win a $100 Fusion Teas Gift Certificate!

Tea Trivia #3: 

What famous region does Guayusa tea come from? 

(Need a hint? Check out our Very Berry Guayusa)

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Guayusa is a close relative of Yerba Mate. Imagine Yerba Mate, then make it more mellow and luscious. The infusion is is bright and earthy, while the naturally occurring caffeine provides a boost of energy.

Very Berry Guayusa

Our Very Berry Guayusa is a study in contrast. Bright, citrusy lemongrass is balanced with enticing cinnamon and earthy Guayusa: 

Very Berry Guayusa Herbal Tea - relative of yerba mate
Take a Sip of Very Berry Guayusa

Amazon Spice Guayusa

Amazon Spice Guayusa is a honeyed, bright, golden-orange brew. The lingering aftertaste is both sweet and spiced. Lemongrass refreshes, cinnamon stabilizes and Guayusa enlivens. The result is a complex blend that gratifies the palate and the body.

Amazon Spice Guayusa herbal tea, related to yerba mate
Indulge in Amazon Spice Guayusa

Green Guayusa Organic

Add a deep green note of stinging nettle. And notice the smooth, woodsy aftertaste. That’s Green Guayusa.

Green Guayusa herbal tea, close relative of yerba mate in the holly family
Go Green With Green Guayusa

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