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Herbal Tea Remedies

Herbal tea remedies are one of the oldest and most natural medicines, first surfacing in Asia in 200 BC, though archaeologists claim that prehistoric man also made versions of herbal tea for drinking and soothing. Herbal tea is made possible because plants are able to synthesize chemical compounds that allow them to defend against predators. Oddly enough, these compounds that successfully ward off predators, are also beneficial in treating human diseases.

Herbal tea remedies have for centuries contributed to natural medicine. They have proven to cure and soothe minor ailments as well as enhance the overall quality of life.

Since caffeine usually has negative effects on the body, herbal teas are always a better option than other teas because they contain only natural, enriching ingredients. Drinking herbal tea is a natural way of curing ailments such as insomnia and menstrual pain. It can also assist in body detoxification and can assist in clearing your mind.

Many scientific studies have been done to determine which herbs target certain areas of the body. To cite a few examples: peppermint is perfect for assistance in digestion, parsley is helpful for water retention and bloating and the nettle plant has been shown to increase the quality of bones, skin, nails and hair. Herbal teas can also act as an aid in weight loss. By combining myrtle leaves, sage, juniper berries and leaves of nettle, you can flush your system and restrain your appetite. Herbal tea is not only a good remedy for the body, but also the mind. An herb called valerian, which is a hardy perennial flowering plant, is used in herbal teas to assist in sleep. For stress, a tea infused with chamomile and rosehips is known to have a soothing and relaxing effect.

It’s important to understand that although herbal tea remedies have positive effects on the mind, body and soul, they shouldn’t be used in place of medicine when it comes to serious illnesses. Herbal Teas compliment a healthy lifestyle and can build up your immune system to ward off serious illnesses. You should enjoy your herbal tea and the positive effects that come with it.

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