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How to Choose Specialty Teas

Specialty teas are made with a wide combination of ingredients that include both traditional black and green tea leaves as well as flowers, herbs and spices. Tea blends that are harder to find or that are offered exclusively from one company may be referred to as specialty tea blends. Tea enthusiasts may find that different tea companies offer different blends of tea that have unique benefits.

Why Buy Specialty Teas?

When opting for specialty teas there are many different blends to choose from. Specialty blends often have ingredients with known health benefits and flavor profiles that are highly desirable among tea drinkers. Loose leaf tea is the most common style of specialty blends. Loose leaf tea is very flavorful and is one of the most economical ways to enjoy your favorite flavor combination. Loose leaf tea also contain higher quality ingredients compared to tea bags. Specialty teas made with loose leaf tea leaves can be steeped several times before tossing. Some tea connoisseurs like to use a clear glass tea mug that
allows the drinker to watch the tea leaves and flowers in the blend unfurl in the hot water.

The Ingredients:

One of the aspects of choosing specialty teas to pay attention to is the ingredients in the blend. Chamomile flowers, green and black tea leaves, herbs, fruits and spices are commonly found in tea blends. Teas such as Yerba Mate and Rooibos are extremely popular throughout the world. Yerba Mate tea from South America is reminiscent of some green tea varieties with energizing components. Specialty Teas often times play an important role in local culture.

Other tea blends, such as Rooibos, do not contain tea leaves but are instead created with other natural ingredients. Choosing a sampler pack of tea blends can be an easy way to decide which flavors are most appealing. With the dozens of specialty blends available there are many options for wholesome, organic and Fair Trade ingredients available.

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