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How to get your friends into tea

One of the many things we love most about tea is it brings people together. We want to share our favorite things with our favorite people. Tea encourages us to slow down and be in the moment.

Tea is easy to share, tastes delicious, and it makes us feel good so of course we want to encourage our friends to get into tea.

Sharing Tea

For many of us, sharing our love of tea is a way we enjoy ourselves. Host a meal and pair one of the dishes with tea. A favorite tea served with your meal can turn a regular dinner into something unique and special that brings out different layers of flavor in both the dish and the drink. Try a Bai Mu Dan white tea with a lightly flavored vegetarian dish, broth-based soup, or poached salmon.

For a different kind of tea party serve flights of tea as the theme of a get-together. Set out four teas; a black, white, green (or oolong) and a naturally caffeine-free herbal or rooibos.

And as your guests are heading home, send them with a sampling of the tea they’ve tried.

Pairing Tea

Have friends and family over and pair classics like cheese and chocolate with different teas. Cheese is a perfect pairing; the buttery, milky notes come forward with the warmth of the tea.

Try these:
Savory Green Tea with goat cheese
Keemun Black Tea with aged cheddar
And with chocolate, try:
Peppermint with chocolate mousse
Golden Buds Yunnan Organic with rich, milk chocolate

Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea with dark chocolate

Bringing Tea

The next time you are invited to a potluck, bring tea or a tea-centric dish. Make a tea cocktail or offer to bring both a dessert of tea-infused shortbread and an easy-to-love tea like Organic Masala Chai. Use the same tea to flavor your shortbread; it’s a conversation starter for sure.

Tea at Work

Preparing tea at work can be an enjoyable part of your day, plus a great opportunity to introduce others to tea. Keep it simple and make it special. Have a stash of your favorite tea at work, plus the right accessories to share your favorite tea.

Here’s to making new tea friends!
If you’re hosting a more traditional afternoon tea party, check out our tea party finger food recipes.

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