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how to have a kids tea party

How to Hold a Tea Party for Kids

Children and a tea party just go together. Is there any celebration more elegant and fun than a tea party? Invite some of your children’s friends over for their very own tea party!

This party can be a learning opportunity. Both boys and girls can learn the etiquette of table manners and conversation in a fun party-like setting. It’s also the perfect place to start new traditions that can tie one generation to another.  

Plan for an afternoon and include all the typical elements of tea time, from tea to finger sandwiches, and of course, something sweet. 

Set the table for a tea party

Select linens for your table: placemats, a tablecloth and napkins. A teacup and plate for each guest, matching or an eclectic mix, plus a spoon for stirring tea. (The meal is likely finger food so keep it simple with no other utensils.)

The teapot can be the centerpiece, either one large teapot or a few smaller ones if you’d like to serve a variety of teas.  

Add a few fun accessories like place cards. And, bring nature in with flowers or greenery. 

It’s summertime and your tea party could be outside on the patio, on the lawn, or in the garden. It’s a great way to enjoy the fresh summer air and be outside. And if it’s really hot, make tea popsicles!

Consider tea party favors

A small spoon makes a great memory of the tea party. The guest can use it during the party and then take it home with them. A small 2” potted plant or succulent will also make a memorable party favor. Do you have time to check out a vintage shop? Look for a few hankies and ribbon to wrap the spoon or succulent to take home. 

Serve Tea Sandwiches and Sweets

Serve tea sandwiches and sweets for a kids tea party

To create finger sandwiches, sliced white bread works best. Cut off the crusts and slice each sandwich into four triangles. Or use a round cookie cutter to trim crusts to make extra fancy. Choose a mix of these classic tea sandwiches your little guests will like best:

  • Cucumber and cream cheese
  • PB&J (or swap out for Nutella)
  • Ham and cheese
  • Strawberry cream cheese with sliced bananas

If you want to offer an additional sandwich shape, buy ready-made cream puffs, slice them in half and fill them with tuna or chicken salad!

In addition to tea sandwiches, deviled eggs are another great addition. For a deviled egg recipe, see our feature on tea party finger food recipes.

For something sweet, try teacup-shaped shortbread (check out your local kitchen shop for cookie cutters), or mini brownies (your favorite brownie recipe, cut to half-size). Fresh berries and a fruit salad are healthy choices, too!

Lastly, select teas for your tea party!

Here are a few of our tried and true kid favorites:

Peppermint Herbal Tea

Peppermint Herbal Tea Loose Leaf for Kids Tea Parties

Peppermint herbal tea is a timeless classic. Clean, sweet and invigorating… bursting with flavor. Bright notes of peppermint candy and creamy mint ice cream fill each sip. And the mouthfeel is smooth, with deep earthy undertones. 

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Cranberry Citrus Burst Rooibos

Cranberry Citrus Burst Rooibos for Children's Tea Parties

The quintessential combo of tart cranberries and sweet orange is anchored by woodsy rooibos in this naturally caffeine-free dessert-like infusion. Not only delicious to drink, rooibos is packed with vitamins and minerals —beneficial potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron!

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Peach Apricot Green Honeybush

Peach Apricot Honeybush Rooibos Tea for Children's Tea Party

Juicy, ripe and sweet… Powerful peach notes make up the central flavor of this tea while apricot adds another layer of sweetness and flavor. Green Honeybush gives it a woodsy undertone. Rose petals add a soft floral note (as well as prettiness) to the blend.

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50-50 Delight / Orange Creamsicle Black Tea

50 50 Delight Orange Creamsicle Black Tea with Coconut Dessert Tea to beat sugar cravings

This engaging tea is a sweet surprise. Bold and rich. Sweet and sour. Citrusy and complex. A balanced blend of all the best flavors teas and herbs have to offer. Serve with milk to amp up the creaminess. 

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Apple Vanilla Hibiscus Infusion

Apple Vanilla Hibiscus Fruit Tea for a Kids Tea Party

Full notes of baked apples and cream highlight this infusion.  The aroma of sweet vanilla entices immediately. The crimson infusion highlights the hibiscus. Apple pieces, vanilla and hibiscus blossoms combine to make a truly delicious, slightly tangy, well-balanced brew.

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To learn more, check out post on teas for kids, and and also find out more tea party tips!

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