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How to Make Milk Kefir at Home: Including Supplies to Get Started

Milk kefir is a healthy, probiotic beverage that is made through the process of fermentation. Milk kefir grains, a symbiotic combination of healthy bacteria and yeast held together in a rubbery and gelatinous form, make this process possible. The grains once added to milk, begin the fermentation process where the bacteria in the form of lactic acid consumes the lactose (milk sugar). This transforms the milk into milk kefir which now has an increased shelf life, enhanced taste, and improved digestibility.

The entire fermentation process takes 24 to 36 hours at which point the kefir will need to be strained out and the milk kefir grains will need to be retrieved and the process repeated not only to feed the grains but to continue producing more milk kefir.

You can buy milk kefir in the grocery store, but store-bought kefir and homemade kefir are simply miles apart both in taste and benefit. While taste is subjective, many if not most of our customers who transitioned to making their own kefir from home will tell you that homemade kefir, especially made from our grains, tastes noticeably better. Homemade Fusion Teas kefir also has a wider and more diverse array of bacteria strains and offers significantly more live cultures due to minimal processing when compared to store-bought.

If you want to make your own milk kefir at home, where do you start?

Let’s start with the obvious; before you can make milk kefir at home you’re going to need milk kefir grains and milk. Order your Milk Keifr Grains Here! When you order your grains from us, you not only get an entire tablespoon of fresh milk kefir grains along with a guarantee of freshness, but you also get a litany of resources to help you succeed including written instructions, an eBook, and unlimited customer service through phone, text, email, or through our social media accounts. In terms of milk, you’re going to need whole cow’s milk, at least during the initial reviving process, after that, you can transition to a number of milks which we go in detail in our eBook which comes free with our grains.

Supplies You’re Going to Need

In addition to the milk kefir grains and whole cow’s milk, you are going to need a few supplies which will help you keep your grains alive, growing, and producing fresh milk kefir batches for years to come.

  1. A Good Strainer:
    This means you’re going to need a plastic or nylon mesh strainer. Stainless steel can be used but some of them are too fine and they can be a little hard on the grains. The strainer is used to strain the kefir milk in order to retrieve your grains and repeat the fermentation process. Here is one we recommend. https://amzn.to/3OB2gxN

  2. A Silicone or Wooden Spoon
    This is used to break up the curds when straining the kefir. We like to use a silicone spoon and that works great for us. https://amzn.to/3IA3w0d

  3. A Large Bowl with an Easy Pour Spout
    You’re going to want a container that you can strain your milk kefir into, something that makes it easy to transfer the kefir thereby avoiding a mess. The easier you make the process the more likely you are to continue. https://amzn.to/45vc6af

  4. A Transparent Glass Mason Jar
    This is where the fermentation process will take place. You’ll want to be able to see the milk going through its stages of fermentation so it’s important that it be a clear, see-through vessel. Here is a large mouth mason jar which is what we prefer. Just remember to toss out those aluminum lids. https://amzn.to/3MTZJx6

  5. A Plastic Lid (or breathable top)
    This is more personal preference. We like a lid that prevents interaction with the air, we prefer our kefir this way. Some use a coffee filter attached with a rubber band which allows the grains to interact with the air and release their gases. https://amzn.to/3MTZWQU

If you’ve been thinking about ordering kefir grains, now is the time to start. Order your grains today. If you have already ordered your grains, you now have a fantastic list of needed supplies. Get those ordered so you’re ready to begin making delicious kefir once your grains arrive. Once you begin the process you’ll have the support you need. Reference the eBook which should arrive in your email inbox after your purchase is complete, read it over, watch the available tutorials, and be ready to begin your milk kefir-making journey. We are here to supply the grains, the know-how and the ongoing guidance to ensure your success. Happy fermenting!

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