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How to pair tea and cheese

Like other classic pairings; wine and chocolate, beer and sausage, Champagne and strawberries, bringing together tea and cheese offers a sublime high note. The versatility of tea fits a variety of occasions and will conjure up many a mood with its array of possible combinations.

As with wine, tea qualities can vary depending on terroir – where it’s grown, the soil, the weather. And like wine, think of tea in categories of light to dark. Use the favorites you already know; if you like Sauvignon Blanc with brie, try a white tea with brie. Basic pairing principals hold true, sweet with salty, and like to like.

Start with high quality ingredients. This is the time to pick your favorite teas.Curious of which cheese to select? Cheese offers a balance to the astringencies found in many teas. The texture of the cheese becomes highlighted and its buttery, milky notes come forward with the warmth of the tea. Select a broad range, and remember to seek out cheese seasonally available and those made in your locale.

There are countless options – jump in and discover your new favorite combination.

Great pairings not only bring out flavors in both the tea and cheese, but you begin to notice flavors not apparent in each alone. And, thanks to the tea, the cheese lingers long in the mouth.


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