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Inauguration Day in the United States: Exercising Peace & Trust Through Tea

Today is inauguration day in the US as President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in as President of the United States.  As we have seen with this past election, emotions have been high as mudslinging, false claims and disagreements have turned to violence.  

At the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, the adoption of a resolution was made that deemed 2021 as International Year of Peace and Trust.

As we enter this new year, with a new president, may we remember that while it is important to fight for the values we hold, how we fight matters.  Remember that it is important to take an interest in others’ problems and share their concerns. Which, in turn, may lead to peace.

Included in the UN statement, “Peace and trust are twin strands; one takes strength from the other. Peace is not just an absence of conflicts but also a positive, dynamic process based on wide participation with the encouragement of a dialog.”

Tea can help us to be present in the moment, which may aid us in our aim for peace and trust today, over the next four years and into the future. The practice of mindfulness, the relaxed awareness of the moment, may play a key role in soothing the mind to focus. Try our Simple Morning Tea Ritual to help bring intention to your day and peace into your heart.

Sip our favorite teas as you make plans to intertwine peace and trust into your daily interactions. Select a classic tea, herbal, or yerba mate to help bring focus and clarity.

Organic Silver Needle White Tea

The long, downy buds of this tea are strikingly different from most other tea leaves. Differences are apparent in the luxurious cup they produce as well. The exceptionally smooth, woody flavor is free from astringency. This tea’s pure character and sophisticated flavor offer a complete experience unlike any you’ve had before.

Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

This superb hand-rolled jasmine green tea features tightly rolled pearls with variations in color and leaf texture. When steeped, the pearls slowly unfurl into a light, fragrant cup. Slightly sweet notes are balanced with a vegetal tone and a smooth, lightweight body. This is a tea to savor… floral flavors linger in the aftertaste.

Organic Darjeeling Black Tea – Sungma Estate

This pure, unblended, organic single-estate Darjeeling tea is clean and bright. Sweet notes of fresh-cut wildflowers, white grapes and just-ripe nectarines are gently balanced with an herbaceous, woodsy character that is prized in Darjeeling teas.

Chamomile Vanilla Bean Herbal Tea

A peaceful end to a hectic day. Round, yellow chamomile blossoms greet you. The dark golden herbal brew offers a soft vanilla aroma. Light and smooth, with ample chocolate notes, and a tang of lemongrass is evened out by the mild floral flavor of chamomile. Hand-cut vanilla bean, organic honeybush and coconut add depth to this tranquil infusion.

Organic Roasted Yerba Mate

Perfect simplicity is achieved with this classic roasted yerba mate. The single ingredient has a smooth autumnal character and roasty flavor. Roasting the leaf gives it a sweeter tone, almost a caramel note, which balances the leaves’ natural astringency. With a brew so warm, rich and restorative, drinking this herb is a tradition you’ll want to adopt in your home.

And to take it a step further, try these especially calming teas.

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