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It’s Apple & Pear Season!

Autumn has arrived, and with it we get to enjoy fresh harvests of juicy pears and apples! These fruits lend a sweet touch to some of our favorite caffeine-free herbal teas as well.

Whether you’re sipping our spicy Cinnamon Apple Rooibos or the creamy Turkish Apple Vanilla tea, usher in the fall season with these apple and pear teas. As they say, an apple a day…


Take a bite out of these Apple & Pear Teas:


Cinnamon Apple Rooibos

A caffeine-free blend of nutty rooibos, juicy apples, and lively cinnamon. The perfect tea to pair with apple pie and vanilla ice cream!


Apple Strudel Hibiscus

Sweet apple and fragrant almond blend to create a dessert-like cup. Cinnamon adds a hint of spice while hibiscus gives it a sweet-tart note.




Pear Cinnamon Hibiscus

Orchard-fresh flavors of pear and apple create a sublimely fruity cup. A hint of warming cinnamon adds comforting depth.


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