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Mad for Matcha

With St. Paddy’s day coming up, green tea is on our mind. And the greenest of green tea (in terms of color) would be none other than… matcha!

Matcha is a traditional form of green tea that’s powdered rather than loose-leaf. It pre-dates loose-leaf teas, and although it originated in China, it disappeared there, remaining isolated in Japan for many years before its more recent surges in worldwide popularity. Despite its ancient roots, matcha has adapted amazingly well to the modern world.

In Japan and beyond, innovative chefs are finding ways to integrate this bright green (and wildly delicious) powdered tea into both food and drink. Today you can enjoy a matcha-infused Arnold Palmer, then savor a meal of matcha scented fish with green tea-infused rice, and top it all off with bowl of green tea ice cream with a Matcha Kit Kat bar on top!

The options are endless. If you’ve been curious about trying matcha for yourself, or if you’re a die-hard matcha fan already, go green this St. Paddy’s Day with our Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha Latte Recipe

Matcha green tea lattes are all the rage
these days. Here’s a simple recipe to enjoy a hot or iced matcha latte
at home, at a fraction of the cost of a coffeehouse drink.

Hot Matcha Latte:

    • 8 oz milk or milk substitute
  • Sweetener (optional)

Hot Matcha Latte:

Bring milk to a simmer and mix in sweetener. Steam if desired. Separately, combine matcha and one tablespoon of the warm milk. Mix in a mug to form a paste, and then gently mix incorporate the rest of the steamed milk.

Iced Matcha Latte:

In a cocktail shaker, mix one tablespoon of milk with matcha and sweetener to form a paste. Add the rest of the milk and one cup of ice. Shake vigorously, then decant into a glass.

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