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New: Lemon Meringue Green Tea

lemon-pieThis surprising green tea has all the tangy-sweetness of a perfectly prepared lemon meringue pie with no regret! But wait, there’s more… discover the slightly savory scent and flavor of pan-fired green tea.

The flavor of Lemon Meringue Green Tea is clear and balanced, not just sweet. The unmistakable aroma of lemon meringue pie billows up from a fresh-brewed cup of this tea. This cup starts out more on the citrusy, zesty end of the spectrum and ends with that fresh-baked sweetness you know and love.

The Green Tea at the base of this blend is pan fired. You might be wondering if that matters. It does! Steamed green teas tend to have a more grassy or oceanic taste. Pan-fired Green Teas are typically more mellow and smooth. This makes them a perfect base for softer blends like this one.

Just like that slice of pie, its brisk, honeyed sweetness is hard to resist.

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