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Pairing Tea with Savory Dishes

Selecting a delicious tea with your meal is akin to a celebration – it can turn a regular dinner into something unique and special. An artful pairing can be sublime. The combination of tea and a savory treat can enhance different layers of flavor in both the dish AND the drink.

Lunch, appetizers, dinner, savory snacks… they all lend great opportunity for exploration of the vast flavors and aromas of teas from around the world. A simple mix of spicy nuts would pair well with English Breakfast Black Tea. Makaibari Darjeeling goes amazingly well with a sheep manchego from Spain. Green tea is versatile and could be served alongside almost any light lunch fare. A light baked salmon would pair nicely with a green or white tea. For dinner, you could pair flavorful herbed chicken dish with Chamomile Vanilla Bean if you are looking for a caffeine-free option. Another caffeine-free alternative for the evening is South African rooibos. This would team up deliciously with pesto pasta – the nuttiness in both would be highlighted and other payers of flavors can shine as well.

As a general guideline pair tea with food as you may pair wine with meals – light tea with lighter fare and hearty food with a robust tea like Assam. With multidimensional flavors on both sides there is so much to explore.

White tea is subtle – salads and lightly flavored vegetarian dishes, broth-based soups, and poached salmon all pair nicely.

Green teas and its variety pair well with chicken and fish. Jasmine Green Tea would balance a curried chicken wonderfully. Our Savory Green Tea compliments a charcuterie platter – salami, olives, artichoke hearts – superbly. If you know where your tea is grown, you can typically assume it will pair well with the traditional cuisine of the area, for example a fish and rice dish with the sweet grassiness of Sencha Supreme. Heartier, smoky greens like Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Green Tea can hold their own with turkey, sautéed chicken, stir-fry, and pizza.

The complexity of Oolongs allows them to be paired with many things – the lighter, floral oolongs team up nicely with sautéed shellfish or poached seafood. The darker, buttery ones compliment smoked or grilled meats. The earthiness of some oolong teas would be marvelous with mushrooms and roasted root veggies.

Pork and lamb may pair nicely with a flavored white tea or oolong, depending on their seasonings.

Black teas pair with heartier fare like a robust tagine, a dark chocolatey mole, and a butternut squash ravioli. Pair a lemon chicken dish with a Lapsang Souchong, and quiche with English Breakfast black blend. Our hearty Assam pairs amazing well with bold flavors of all types, think a creamy mushroom soup, bacon wrapped dates, and flavorful lasagna.

There are countless options – jump in and discover your new favorite combination!


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