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Peach Fuzz White Tea

Peach Fuzz White Tea for Summer Sipping

Our juicy sweet Peach Fuzz White Tea is perfectly on-season and ready for summer!

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

– Henry David Thoreau

This fruity blend full of white tea buds and leaves interspersed with bright bits of peach and safflower is a winner! It brews into an orange infusion that speaks to its bright, summery flavor. The complex aroma is malty and rich, reminiscent of a summer day in a peach orchard.  

This lush blend is ideal for iced tea in warm weather. The abundant peach balances perfectly with the subtle sweetness of the white tea. It’s crisp, fruity and a little decadent.

Peach Fuzz White Tea

Here’s what one customer says about Peach Fuzz White Tea:

If you like peaches this is an excellent smooth flavored tea to try. It’s not tart or bitter at all and reminds me of the peach ring candy, sooo good.

– Jennifer B.

Put the pot on to simmer and fill your kitchen with the delicious scent of summer peaches. This tea offers a refreshing infusion, perfect for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. (And, always brew white teas with below-boiling water.) 

Peach Fuzz White Tea Prosecco Mimosa

Peach Fuzz White Tea Prosecco Mimosa

Find your flutes

Peach Fuzz White Tea brewed double strength and chilled

Peach nectar


Start by filling tall glass ½ full with Prosecco. Then, stir in one tablespoon peach nectar, and top off the glass with Peach Fuzz White Tea. Cheers!

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