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Positive Yerba Mate Side Effects

Yerba mate, sometimes just known as mate, is a species of South American plant used to make infusions and tea that energizes, but without many of the jittery feelings that coffee gives some people. This tea, made from the leaves steeped in hot water, is traditionally used as a social gathering beverage in South America, and is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States, as well. One reason why people are becoming more interested in yerba mate is its many benefits and positive side effects that come from the blend of antioxidants and other health-promoting molecules in the plant.

Yerba Mate has been purported to have a number of positive side effects, which include:

* Mental acuity and alertness. Mate contains caffeine and other xanthine molecules to promote wakefulness and alertness, but the nutrients in the plant help to balance out some of the more negative side effects. Even caffeine-sensitive people don’t tend to experience the upset stomach, headaches, and insomnia that they would normally get after drinking coffee.

* Providing energy to the body. Caffeine and other xanthines, like theobromine and theophylline, promote physical energy. Mate also allows the body to undergo a sustained breakdown of carbohydrates while exercising, meaning that a mate drinker burns more calories with the same amount of aerobic exercise than a person not drinking mate. Mate also helps prevent lactic acid buildup, so muscles do not feel as sore after a workout.

* Promoting weight loss. In addition to the exercise-boosting effects of mate, this plant also induces feelings of satiation, which helps to prevent overeating. Scientific studies have shown that mate also delays the stomach from emptying, and even contributed to significant weight loss in the experimental participants taking mate supplements.

* Helping to prevent halitosis. While this may not seem to be a likely benefit of drinking tea, polyphenols contained in mate inhibit the growth of certain mouth-dwelling bacteria that are responsible for bad breath.

* Preventing cancer. The wealth of antioxidants found in mate has been shown in studies to be 90 percent greater than those found in green tea. University of Illinois researchers, in their 2005 study, concluded that mate may contribute significantly to preventing oral cancer. The large amounts of vitamins C and E in mate may also help prevent certain forms of cancer from developing.

* Preventing heart disease. Because of the weight-loss effect of drinking mate, as well as the presence of antioxidants including several vitamins, beta carotene, and lycopene, mate may assist people in avoiding the health conditions that lead to heart disease, especially when combined with a proper diet and ample exercise.

* Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. Polyphenols and other molecules in mate spur the glands to produce corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are vital in helping to regulate the overactive immune response that occurs during allergies and asthma, allowing airways to be less inflamed and blood vessels to dilate.

* Boosting the immune system. Flavanoids and polyphenols found in mate have been shown to prevent cell death that leaves the body open to infection, and also can help prevent some forms of toxicity to cells that occur during the course of some diseases.

Mate has a variety of scientifically-proven health benefits, and as more studies are done on this amazing plant, more benefits will be found.

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