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organic sencha pure green tea

Pure Green Teas: Mao Feng, White Monkey & Gyokuro

Pure green teas come straight from the Camellia sinensis plant, nothing added or blended with the leaf. Green tea is typically light to medium in body and its infusion ranges from pale gold to bright green. Its flavor profile varies from crisp to vegetal to brothy. Pure green tea holds many delights.

Most of the world’s green tea comes from China and Japan. Differences come from where it is grown and how it is cultivated and processed. Chinese and Japanese green teas have distinctive characteristics apparent at the first sip—in China the tea leaves are pan-fired, in Japan they are predominately steamed.

These two processes halt oxidation, allow the tea to hold its green character and leave the tea packed with theanine, antioxidants and amino acids. Drinking green tea may help regulate blood pressure, body fat, liver function and other bodily functions. Pure green tea is a healthy addition to any diet.  

Organic Mao Feng Green Tea

Mao Feng Organic Chinese Green Tea

One of China’s most famous teas, our classic Organic Mao Feng Green Tea is highly aromatic and verdant in flavor. The infusion is savory and sweet, grassy and umami-rich. While lush and refreshing, this tea also has a savory side which makes it full of subtle complexities and well-balanced.

To highlight the roasty notes, pair a steaming mug of Mao Feng with your dinner bowl of brown rice and veggies.

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White monkey pure green tea

Organic White Monkey Green Tea

White monkey pure green tea

This is a full-bodied green brew that first features notes of cream, hay and toasted nuts. Then the flavors of stone fruit become apparent. A balancing astringency plays out in the flavor and aftertaste alike, ending in a bittersweet note like that of an unripe nectarine. (The name refers to the white tips of the leaves that look like monkey’s paws.)

This drink-anytime White Monkey teams up nicely with granola and fresh fruit in the morning or a noodle dish later in the day.

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Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea

Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea is surprisingly soft and luscious. This is a precious tea. It has a satisfying, brothy flavor that is also pleasingly sweet and, above all, green, green, green. Its rich aroma, bright green color and lingering, sweet aftertaste further distinguish our Gyokuro from other green teas.

Enjoy the special Gyokuro with sautéed salmon and asparagus.

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Do these three pure green teas fit your flavor profile? Check out our vast collection of great quality Green Teas.  If you can’t decide what to choose, try our Pure Green Tea Sampler. You are sure to find a new favorite.

Curious to learn more about green teas? Check out our Tea Types page to learn more about green tea production, countries of origin and health benefits.

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