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Revival Teas Perfect for Spring

This time of year the northern hemisphere undergoes a transformation. In winter everything dies off and spring brings with it a renewal of all that was before. The dark and dreary winter is replaced with the sunshine of spring. The baron ground and naked trees bring forth life again with green grass, flowers, and blossoming leaves. The depressing overcast winter fades as sunlight revives our desire and joy for life. All that once was is now retained.

As the earth is renewing , you may find that you too may need to experience your own revival of your spirit. To let the old die off and the new and happier you shine through. There may be no better time than spring to go through such a renewing transformation. And tea is quite possibly the best tool to help you find peace in the process. It can be calming and soothing. It can bring clarity and energy. It can be just what you need to shed your old skin and find your wings.

To help you get started with such a meditative transformation, we have put together a list of teas for spring that will revive your spirit and renew your resolve to be the best you again.

White Blueberry White Tea
This scrumptious white tea is creamy with just the right mix of sweet and smooth. Subtle melon and honeysuckle flavors of white tea are punctuated by juicy berry notes.  The infusion of naturally sweet delicate white tea melds perfectly with the berries, leaving you refreshed and uplifted.

Orange Sunrise Herbal Tea
This herbal infusion is packed with flavors: bold citrus, and hints of hibiscus. The bright pink infusion sparkles with the sheen of the hibiscus flower. This absolutely delicious composition marries the best of tart citrus with balancing herbs for a satisfying cup. The aftertaste settles on your taste buds and lingers, drawing out the enjoyment of the infusion.

Creamy Earl Grey Black Tea
This floral, citrusy blend of black tea from China and Sri Lanka may be just what you need on a crisp spring morning. The bold flavor of the black tea, bergamot, and vanilla will give you the boost of energy you need to ignite your resolve and embolden your effort for change.

Guava Yerba Mate
The colors of this yerba mate burst forth with bright and vibrant energy, indicative of the feeling you have as you drink this nutrient-packed delight. The distinctive earthy flavors of the mate are balanced perfectly with the fruitiness of the guava. This infusion is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, not to mention, naturally occurring energy promoting compounds all designed to renew your body, reduce stress and fatigue, and bring clarity of mind.

While tea does not have the power to transform you into who you want to be, it can definitely help you calm your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts and give you the energy to go and do. Ultimately, the power to change involves work, struggle, and dedication; here at Fusion Teas, we are here to support you in all your worthwhile endeavors. For more inspiration and renewing tea options, check out fusionteas.com or visit our blog for more articles such as this.

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