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Save the bunnies! Drink chocolate tea instead

Easter is approaching, which means you’ll soon see aisles upon aisles of chocolate bunnies in the grocery store. However, this year YOU can save a chocolate bunny from its demise!

The solution is simple: Every time you’re tempted to nibble the ears off a waxy pseudo-food, reach instead for our delicious, satisfying chocolate teas. We’re pretty sure our teas are a lot better for you, too.

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Sink your teeth into these decadent teas:


Chocolate Cake Honeybush

A luxurious caffeine-free infusion of sweet honeybush and rich chocolate, with a touch of creamy caramel.

Roasted Cocoa Yerba Mate

A strong and satisfying blend of roasted yerba mate, chocolate chip drops, almonds and carob. Perfect for coffee drinkers!

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Salted Coconut Truffle

Rich and Chocolaty. Beneath the chocolate, you’ll find hints of coconut, black tea and sea salt. It’s a blend that any chocolate lover will adore!

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