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Taking time for yourself during the holidays

We all have a lot on our life plate. Taking a moment to center yourself each day can help you to focus on tasks at hand, check your goals and create space for gratitude.

The act of selecting a tea, smelling its aroma, watching it brew, and enjoying the drink will provide a few minutes to focus only on the tea and yourself. Filling you with flavor, warmth and calm, tea can be a vehicle for both relaxation and vitality. Savor your tea and your time.

You can use this time to bring pause to your day, start a new energizing habit or connect with a friend. Check out these remarkable teas, and you just might find you want to add one of these to your “me” time.

Organic Darjeeling – Sungma Estate

This pure single-estate tea captures the beauty and biodiversity of Darjeeling. The clean, bright flavors are nuanced, complex and centering.

Organic Bai Mu Dan 

This white tea’s simple processing gives it a mellow flavor of fresh wildflowers and herbaceous notes. Think relaxation.

Jasmine Pearls

This green tea is meditative as you see the pearls unfurl.  Beautiful to watch, blossom-forward deliciousness to sip.

Oriental Beauty Oolong 

This remarkable tea is complex. The long, twisted leaves offer a distinctive muscatel flavor in this silky-smooth drink.

Herbal Blueberry Ginger

This pretty tisane is at once peppery and creamy in taste and texture.

Citrus Burst Rooibos

Bright and pleasing, this organic rooibos packs Vitamin C and nutrients in a zingy, delicious cup.

Pear Cinnamon Hibiscus 

This ambrosial fruit tisane, reminiscent of a summer orchard, is filled with fruity notes and warming spice.

Slow down and relax with tea and change the trajectory of your day.


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