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Tea Trivia is Back! Question #1 is about Green Tea

Tea Trivia is back! Enter to win a Fusion Teas Gift Certificate

It’s time for our annual Tea Trivia contest! We’ll share three questions over the coming weeks to challenge you and give you an opportunity to win a $100 Fusion Teas Gift Certificate! You must enter the contest by August 1, 2019.

For every question you answer correctly, you’ll get an entry into the drawing. The first question is about Green Tea:

Tea Trivia #1:

What temperature do we recommend for brewing Green Tea?

(Need a hint? Head over to our Tea 101 page.)

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Green tea is one of our faves. It’s an antioxidant powerhouse, varies in flavor profiles and is simply delicious. Flavors range from grassy and brothy to sweet and earthy. Its lower caffeine level makes it accessible for most of us (let’s compare 20mg of caffeine in a cup of green tea to 120mg in coffee)! Learn more on our Tea Types page.

In addition to antioxidants, the amino acid L-theanine in green teagives you a boost of mental clarity and focus. Here are a few of our favorite green teas: 

Organic Clouds & Mist Green Tea

The pale lemon-yellow infusion smells nutty and buttery, whispering of the creamy mouthfeel yet to come. The strikingly smooth flavor contains no astringency whatsoever. It is light and sweet with fruity notes of purple grapes and lemon.

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Citrus Mint Green Tea

Citrus Mint Green Tea

Your first sip of this golden liquor is a nicely balanced mix of clear green tea, spearmint and citrus. The lemongrass adds zest and brightens the flavor balance. The cup retains a light mint character which is refreshing. The aftertaste is lightly sweet. 

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Vanilla Matcha Green Tea

Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Powder

Thanks to the addition of natural vanilla flavor, this matcha has a sweet taste that’s even accessible for those who don’t usually like green tea. And yet, it has a balanced enough flavor that even the most serious of tea connoisseurs will enjoy it as a fun break from their routines. 

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Sencha Supreme Green Tea

Sencha Supreme Green Tea

This green infusion is thick and sweet, with a distinctly vegetal flavor. You’ll also find a satisfying, brothy richness. The aftertaste leans slightly sweet making this a great Sencha for Japanese green tea newbies and Japanese green tea lovers alike.

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Have you entered the tea trivia giveaway yet? Enter by August 1, 2019, for a chance to win!

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