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Teas for Chinese New Year

Although the Western world just celebrated the new year a few weeks ago, billions of people will celebrate the start of 2017 at the end of this month.

You can join them in celebrating the start of the Year of the Rooster with a few simple, fun rituals we’ve adapted for use in North America:

5. Eat up.

On January 27th, have a meal of dumplings or fish to celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve.

4. Tidy up.

Just like with “spring cleaning,” Chinese New Year is an opportunity to welcome the new by releasing what you don’t need. (Hint: You don’t need those dust bunnies hiding in your house!)

3. Add some red.

In China and much of Southeast Asia, red decorations (including lanterns, paint and paper cuttings) are used to adorn the house after the cleaning is done. You can use any red decorations you like!

2. Shoot fireworks.

Yes, really! In much of Asia (and in many American cities with large Asian populations), fireworks can be heard throughout the day and night. Ring in the new with a blast!

1. Drink tea.

Tea is central to Chinese culture and to many Chinese traditions. Celebrating Chinese New Year without tea is kind of like celebrating Thanksgiving without pie… if pies were a necessary part of your daily life. So drink up and welcome in the new year!

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