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Teas for Digestion and Stomach Troubles

It’s bound to happen….

It’s that wonderful time of year – gathering with family and friends. Cooking, visiting, sitting on the couch to visit or watch a game…

We overeat, so it helps to have a plan. We can help you with that plan. (Yes, it involves tea.) 

For a millennia people have used tea and herbal infusions to ease digestive discomfort. Whether it’s from overeating or other issues, many an ancestor has turned to tea and herbs like peppermint, cinnamon, and fennel. A number of studies back up these traditional uses, showing mint and other herbs do, in fact, have the digestive benefits that were so long associated with them.

Mint Herbal Tea
In addition to being refreshing and delicious, mint has long been known to aid in the digestion of fats. Pair it with dessert or sip it after your meal; either way, it’s the perfect end to the Thanksgiving feast. Ginger tea, either herbal or blended with green or black tea is also a soothing aide.

Red Bush Chai
Rooibos is a favorite for digestive aid in South Africa, and chai is the ultimate digestive soother in India and beyond. This blend combines the best of both national beverages. It’s a drink your taste buds and your digestive system will love and appreciate.

Chocolate Cake Honeybush
Can’t eat another bite, but still want some dessert? Skip the dessert entirely and enjoy this, or an apple or pumpkin tea blend.


Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy drink that contains healthy probiotics and nutrients to improve digestion. It’s easy to brew at home, and very affordable. Learn more about the benefits of kombucha. You may also be interested in another probiotic drink, milk kefir. You can also learn about the difference between milk and water kefir.

Digestion Tday

To manage the holiday feasting, we recommend drinking tea as a digestif. Traditionally, digestifs are alcoholic beverages designed to aid digestion after a meal, but often teas can serve the same purpose. Try these teas, or relax with a festive cranberry, hibiscus, or chamomile blend.

So let’s be thankful for good tea. We all think this year will be different, but when faced with delicious dishes, with mouth-watering aromas and flavors… we can still enjoy great flavors and be easy on ourselves.

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