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Teas for relaxation and better sleep

Looking for a delicious caffeine-free herbal blend to help you relax after a full day? There is something calming about the ritual of sipping a warm infusion before bed. And, plenty of herbal tisanes have health benefits and can help you slip into off to sleep a little faster. Herbals may work in two ways; they provide a mix of calming ingredients and give us permission to relax, slow down, and ready our self for sleep.


Enjoy this herbal blend any time of day. Because it is naturally caffeine free, and because chamomile is known for its relaxing properties, our Chamomile Vanilla Bean is an ideal way to end the day. If you are looking for a natural remedy, this is a great one -Chrysin is a specific flavonoid found in chamomile and has been shown to help anxiety.


This warming chai variation, made with rooibos and honeybush, is caffeine free. Packed with magnesium (and other minerals, plus antioxidants), this delicious rooibos blend aids in mild insomnia and helps to calm the nervous system.

Pure relaxation; savor a hot mug of this infusion sip by sip. The tulsi herb, revered for its healing abilities, is the base of this infusion. Lush tropical flavors balance strong notes of papaya and the sweetness of apple bits. Rose hips add a tartness and are known to have a soothing a relaxing effect.

This herbal blend is a comforting blend of sweet fruity notes and warming spices. Winter Solstice is the perfect tea to serve after a meal, before heading to bed. Refreshing fruity notes will cleanse the palate, while earthy star anise and cinnamon may help aid digestion and relaxation.

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