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Teas with Flower Power!

A bouquet of flavors awaits…

Enjoy the aromatic sweetness of flowers with our floral teas.You’ll find that, like the wide variety of flowers, each floral tea has a completely different flavor. Some are smooth and soft, others are pungent and tangy, but all are absolutely delicious!

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Here are a few of our favorite floral teas:

chamomileChamomile Vanilla Bean

A soothing blend of apple-sweet chamomile, real vanilla bean and caramel makes this our go-to comfort tea. Lemongrass and coconut add a tropical finish.

pink-rosesPink Earl Grey

Rosebuds and rhubarb create a unique fruity-floral twist on the classic Earl Grey profile. Green tea marries citrusy bergamot notes for a light, bright flavor.


hibiscusBlue Eyes Hibiscus

Fruity notes of apple and cranberry create a playful, sweet infusion, while tangy hibiscus adds a bit of zing.

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